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The Boise Linux User Group was founded by the Idaho PC User Group as a special interest group (SIG) and conducted its first meeting in April of 2003. Based in Boise, Idaho, we are Idaho's oldest Linux User group meeting continuously for 11 years. While the group is primarily focused on Ubuntu Linux users and its derivitives, we also support Fedora, openSUSE, Slackware, and Puppy Linux users. Welcome to our website.

September 15th Meeting Notes

Tonight we were given an excellent well-prepared presentation on rooting an Android phone, given by member Joe Homza. His prepared paper that he used for his presentation follows:

How to Personalize Your Android Phone 
How I rooted my phone and flashed a custom rom.

BLUG August 18 Meeting Report

We had another great meeting, with full room, and great pizza, cookies and soda provided by Taos.  As announced, after the opening time for announcements and other discussion, Clint spent the next 90 minutes going through his installation of Ubuntu 15.04 step and systemd usage as detailed in his outline for the evening:

Boise Linux Group July 21 Meeting Notes

We had an another great meeting with a packed conference room at Taos!  Long time member Jim Millard was our featured presenter and took us on a tour of Ansible, a IT management tool which can be used in a number of ways including configurations and applications.
Before we got started, Bryce Meyet of Taos, announced that they are looking for a Linux Engineer with AWS experience, a very high paying position to the right candidate.

Boise Linux Group June 16 Meeting Notes

We had an absolutely awesome meeting with a packed conference room at Taos!  Our presenter for the evening was Mark J. Crane and would be presenting on FusionPBX, a configuration/adminstration for the Linux based FreePBX scaleable phone system.  Mark had a flat tire on the way in the Boise for the meeting and was slightly delayed.  During that time, we had some conversations on using rdiff for archiving, robot.txt, using ipcam on Android and dropcam which requires a monthy subuscription.

Fedora 22 Released - May 26th

Fedora 22 was released on May 26th and I downloaded both the Workstation and Server versions of Fedora's Latest and Greatest!  The first thing I noticed was that the Server version was 2.1 GB in size while the Workstation version was a fairly light 1.3 GB (but it took longer to download probably because of the demand for it and it wasn't even posted on Distrowatch yet).  I thought it interesting that Server version was twice the size of the workstation so I decided to install that so what was available from the DVD.  All the server packages including containers/docker were av

BLUG Thursday May 21st Meeting Report

Meeting went well and was well attended with 12 present, even with a last minute date change.  Clint had ready for show and discussion, the LinuxMint 17.1 Rebecca upgrade and Ubuntu 15.04 in-place upgrade.  He led off with LinuxMint 17.1 which he had running on his laptop, as an in-place upgrade from 17 Qiana.  Clint stressed that LinuxMint had returned to a "long-term-release" where upgrades and maintenance with updates would be supported for a long time to come.  LinuxMint 17.1 is based on Ubuntu 14.04 and as such will be supported with securty updates until 2019.&nbsp

April 21st Meeting Notes

Another great meeting with 16 in attendance.  As promised, Taos provided the grea pizza, soda, and cookies.  Our featured speaker of the evening was unable to make it so the meeting was an open discussion.  We first went around the table where everyone introduced themselves.  Blake Fisher, an account manager at TEKsystems here in Boise instroduced himself and described their business activities which go beyond just recruiting.  He took a number of questions from those present and passed out his business card.

March 19th Meeting Notes

Another great meeting with 13 in attendance.  As promised, Taos provided the grea pizza, soda, and cookies.  Clint led off the evening with Dvdisaster based on a article in Linux Magazine issue 171/2015 "Lifebuoy".

Boise Linux Users Group Meeting Report - December 16

Good Meeting, lots of discussion during Clint's 90 Minute presentation on his "Out of the Box" experience including a live demonstration on the overhead of what he was presenting.  The following is Clint's Outline that he used.  This is a work in process and will be updated as work continues:

CanaKit Raspberry Pi B+ Ultimate Starter Kit
What's in the box (picture)
Kit Includes:
1 x Raspberry Pi Model B+ (B Plus) 512 MB - Made in UK (Sony Factory)
1 x 8 GB Samsung MicroSD Card - Raspberry Pi Recommended MicroSD Card with the new NOOBS

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