December 6th Meeting Report * UbuntuStudio * xfce 4.10 * Other Topics

Clint started off the meeting with some comments on the current state of the deskop by referring to an article by Steven_J._Vaughan_Nichols who comments on both Windows 8 and the amount of dislike of the Gnome 3.0 based desktops OSs are Leaving the User out of the User Interface. The article mentions the KISS principal, Keep it Simple which is leads us to tonight's presentation on UbuntuStudio XFCE.

November 1st Meeting Report * Discussions * FreeNAS

We had a pretty good turnout with one new person who pretty much took over the meeting in talking about BackTrack Linux - A Penetration Testing Distribution, Navigating the Internet by avoiding default DNS servers and Project Meshnet, and his experience in building his own distributed computing kernel that utilizes similarly configured pc's to share processing time and power. Member Chad spoke about how Drop Box sharing uses his home network to sync PC's on the same network including windows systems.

Ocotober 4th Meeting Report * Kubuntu 12.04 Desktop * KDE 4.9.2

Tonight's meeting got off to a fast start with 7 present and Darin getting right into his presentation on Kubuntu and the latest KDE SC 4.9.2 Desktop. He has been a long time user of GNome and recently moved to KDE, primarily due to the limitations and stability of the GNome desktop and the Compiz manager. He now uses Kwin which is integrated into KDE 4.9.2 which gives him the keyboard shortcuts and desktop features essential to him.

September 6th Meeting Report * FreeNAS 8.2 * Ubuntu 12.40.1 * openSuSE 12.2 Release

With 10 in attendance, the meeting start with a round of introductions of those present as we had a couple of new attenees. Following the introductions, Clint launched into his 90 minute presentation on FreeNAS 8.2. For the presentation, Clint had brought 2 computers along a wired network with a wireless router for Internet access. Computer one was a Gateway high performance FX laptop computer that he had installed two physical hard drives in order to create a FreeNAS server.

August 2nd Meeting Notes * Rasberry Pi * Installing 12.04 NOACPI * Conversations

Had another good meeting! Ed W. brought his Raspberry Pi in and hooked it up and gave us a demo. It was running the Raspberry version of Fedora. Had a 1080p video output, wireless all running from a sd card. During the meeting, we played with Ed's Raspberry Pi. With Federal 18 installed, it ran very slow-the CPU hit 100% by invoking almost any activity. We were able to power the device off my USB port of my laptop. The HDMI out plugged straight into the projector and worked great. We recommended that Ed try Ubuntu 12.10 as the kernel has many ARM optimizations or try Jelly Bean.

June 7th Meeting Notes - Non-PAE installation of Ubuntu 12.04

Meeting went well with Darin leading the meeting in Clint's absence. He started off with doing a installation of a non-PAE Unbuntu 12.04 on older hardware using the directions found on the webupd8te website. One of our members presents was having difficulty installing the non-PAE and was going to try this method on a couple of his PC's. Darin had planned on demonstrating a manual install of the latest Libre Office, however the past PPA's were not existent.

May 3rd Meeting Notes - Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin

Meeting started promply at 6:30 with Darin presenting on the newly released Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin. We had 9 members present including a new attendee Tammy. Nice to have a woman present at our meeting with both a technical and user focus. Darin started off with showing off the monitor capabilities of his nVidia based laptop and high resolution. Dual monitor support was excellent, and he showed us both twinmode, a new function that takes advantage of two monitors and extending the screen on to the second monitor, and mirrored mode.

April 5th Meeting Notes - Arios 4.0 Beta Ubuntu 12.04 Beta 2 and KDE

Turnout as a bit light tonight with only 6 in attendance however we had one new person running openSuSE 12.1 who had a couple of questions and member Darin provided some insights into configuring desktop video and how he really makes his desktop come alive with keyboard shortcuts. Clint led off the evening with a presentation on the Arios 4.0 Beta Linux version which was released on March 26th and based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Beta that was released in early March.