Linux Meeting Report - 05/17/2016

Tonight's meeting was "open forum" as we had no presentations scheduled. Clint opened the meeting with an update on the new release of Ubuntu 16.04 (April 21st). He has a number of machines where updated automatically from 15.10 to 16.04. 

This is unusual because generally existing installations don't get upgraded until the first point release which would be 16.04.1, later this summer.  He did note that he had an install of Linux Mate 15.10 that is not getting an automatic update.  He also mentioned that Fedora 24 is due out on June 14 and he demonstrated the Alpha release of Fedora 24 runing in a KVM on his Fedora 23 Laptop system.

We then had a conversation on developments in the RaspberryPi Single Board Computer World.  The Pi 3 B, the OrangePi Plus 2, and the recently release Pine64.  Any of these can be "laptop" computer in your shirt pocket providing both CPU Power, A gigabyte of Memory, and Wireless Networking plus a wide range of Input/Output options including USB, Serial, and GPIO.  We hope to have more presentations in the near future on these devices.  Marc has a Pine64 on order and Clint has a OrangePi Plus 2 on hand in addition to a the Pi 3 B.

Conversation then turned to a new attendee at our meeting, Mark from Caldwell, who is starting up a business working with publishing video's on the Internet.  He had contacted the group looking for some help on processing in using ffmpeg in processing and overlaying various video types.  He has a website up at

Samba 4 was also a topic of conversation in using it for as Active Directory server as well as LDAP/Kerberos.  There seems to be a lack of good information on implementing  Samba 4 even though it has out for a couple years now.  So much out there is on Samba 3, particularly the O'Reilly texts among other sources.  We marked this down as a future possible topic for our meetings.

We finished up the evening with a conversation about LinuxFest Northwest which was held on the weekend of April 23rd and 24th and was attended by one of our members who gave a short report on it.  This is really a great event that is held in Bellingham, Washington annually. Spread over two days, there are a lot of different sessions and presentations, too many for one person to pick from!  There are 10 tracks alone plus numberous sessions in each track, each day.  The website is at where you can find the schedule as well as links to presentation materials and video's posted on YouTube.

In closing the night's meeting, Clint expressed the need meeting topics and presentations.  This is always a challenge in keeping usergroups such as ours dynamic as well as active.  For groups such as ours, this means the participation by the group membership in suggesting topics for our meetings as well as making those presentations.  We have quite a bit of expertise in our group but we can't rely on one or two people to make all the presentations which takes quite an investment in time and effort on the part of the presenters.

One thought on starting a list of topics comes from the Greater Seattle Linux Users Group:

iptables, ebtables, nftables, got tables if you like em.
care and feeding of SSDs in linux
systemd-networkd vs. NetworkManager vs. ifupdown vs. ???

Others suggested:

Samba 4
SElinux Administration
Pi 3/OrangePi/Pine64 applications
Basic System Administration

Please reply back to Clint (c_tinsley at with your thoughts and suggestions for future meetings.

In closing, our thanks to Taos and College of Western Idaho in making our meeting space available and Taos for providing the soda, pizza, and cookies to keep the penquins fed!

Our next meeting will be on June 21st, 2016. at 1360 S Eagle Flight Way, off Maple Grove. We meet in the Pintail building, on the CWI campus, room 1332.