August 16 2016 Meeting Report

Clint started out the meeting with the "Questions" session.  There was a question from member Mike on the Raspberry Pi magazines.  Clint showed the MagPi web site and how to download past copies of the magazine.

While we were on the subject, Clint introduced us to one of the latest single board products out there he had discovered.  It is called the LattePanda, comes with Windows 10 fully installed, not just the IoT stripped down version that runs on the RaspberryPi.  Some of the features included the onboard system memory (32GB) for the operating system in addition to 2GB of RAM, the ability to piggyback it or attach it to a small USB harddrive, USB 3.0 support and 3D printing. It also provides a Arduino co-processor with the Arduino GPIO plus additional 5V sensor and switch connector for controlling your "home" environment.  For more details including videos, check out

Clint then went into a discusion of the need of for topics and presenters at our meetings.  He emphasized that this is not "his" group with him doing all the presentations and topics.  First off, he is the first to admit that he is not an expert on everything and there are members of our group that have on a lot more experitise on a variety of topics that he has no knowledge.  Plus, for Clint to present a topic, it takes a lot of time to prepare a presentation.  He has been doing this, for the most part, for the past 13 years, and like many user group "leaders", he is suffering some "burnout".

There is a lot of New Stuff worthy of Exploring...  Clint used examples from the latest Magazines available off the shelf at Barns & Noble:

Linux Pro Magazine - Issue 189/August 2016

Relax and Recover - Rescue Disk

Firejail - Application Sandbox Environment
Our meeting was lightly attended tonight, eventually, we grew to 8 in attendance.

Yabs - Personal Finance on Linux -

Also, in this issue is coversations on BTRFS, ZFS, and Filesystems, always "hot topics at our meetings".

Linux Format - Issue LXF213/August
Also mentions Relax and Recover among its hot picks for the month.
Etcher 10.0 - Utiity for creating USB/SD Cards
And a rich assortment of conversations ranging from partitioning in using fdisk and building your "Ultimate Home Server" to a completion section dedicated to the RaspberryPi.  Along the way, an article on using Salt for configuration management which can be used in your "home" as well enterprise environment.

LinuxUser & Developer is another of Clint's Favorites and Issue 167 was not a disappointment as it's Security Kit issue with articles on Kali Linux, IPFire, OpenSSH, Snort, chkrootkit, Wireshark and nmap usage.  Also in the same issue were articles on building your NAS storage system and the numerous "HAT" (Hardware Attached on Top) articles using the RaspberryPi.

Along the way, Clint mentioned some updates worthy of inquiry:

ICgrep - Modernized Grep

Krita 3.0 - Drawing Version 3.0
We do have volunteer to do a demo of Krita 3.0, hopefully in October.

Clint finished up his "presentation" in needing members of our group to step forward and preent on topics of interest to them, the usual case being that if it is of interest to you, then it will be of interest to someone else.  Also, if you have a "vested" interest in something, you are like to be excited about it and hopefully you might share that excitement with the group.

We then finished out the evening with a discussion of mult-boot USB devices and some of the links explored:
Arch Linux - hybrid MBR

Our next meeting is September 20th and we are looking for a presenter for the meeting, otherwise, it might be open forum again. Hope to see you there.