September 20th Meeting Notes

Draft!  Raw notes from meeting!

John Bowen, formerly of the Riverside, Orange County, CA - MacIntosh/RaspberryPi  group.

PDF document 16 pages
mathmatical notation
For fun, developing a mini-class in Vector Math
Teaching Math at Harvard - Iverson refined notation for serveal years
Only then, did a group implement it as a computer language.
One Huge plus is intermedicate exectuton at the command line.
Install dynalog apl <request download of Dyalog APL zip file for installation on rpm and deb.

Groups of Numbers arrays.

Slide 8

Humoeoua - What actually happened at the Beach!

Lots of drinking... and Unbrellas, both in the drink and in the sand.


Iverson - Book: A Programming Language - APL - Arrays (1960's)

Powerful versus Complicated
Powerful as easily learned but gets results.

Calculator usage mode.

Scalar math - lenght and width has to be consistent.

Booleans - logical operators from Electronics.

Prompt looks like this

)vars z

cosines (trig, etc).


APL Universe

The Language

IPSharp - APL provider

Game of Life

Unicode is a great help.

Keyboard Layout - Dyalog Alt US

PPA for Dynlog/RaspberryPi - uses jquery


Pragmatic Functional Programming in Dynalog - Bangalore October 2014.pdf

Most succesful APL developers are "any kind of engineer other than a software engineer".

teaching aspects.