October 18th Meeting Report

We had are really good meeting with two presentations on the agenda.  Attendance was 12, a little light, but a good group. Our first presenter was Adam Featherstone, who is somewhat new to the group, but had came forward with a presentation on Krita 3.0.1.  He started with a little about himself:
Fairly new to Linux 15 years of occassional use.
More than 5 years experience with Linux & Gimp
Photoshop Background.
Started with an 8086 in 6th Grade and had worked on Microsoft Xenix (his Dad's computer)
Studied Pascal in Middle School, Unix in College
He recalled the days of the old Winmodem Connection and Telnet to shell environment - Using Vi
His demo computer was a new laptop 6 months old with Ubuntu 16.04
He had a set of PDF slides where he started out by mentioning that on 16.04 by default installs Krita 2.9
Video's List from youtube - huge community of users and video's.

Videos of Krita In Use:
Quick video of someone painting using Krita
Simple Animation Tutorial
New Features in Krita 3.0.1
Krita vs Photoshop
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iGE_XpOZVg2)  Krita vs Photoshop   

New Features in Krita 3.0.1
    Simple Animation Tutorial
    New Users video of editing a Photoshop
    Quick video of someone painting using Krita.

He talked about that he was running Appimage install 3.0.1 (currently as the latest version.
AppImage is a complete installation that can be installed by the user with no root privaleges.  It is similar to Docker technology, a complete application in a container.  More information on AppImage can can be found at http://appimage.org/ and http://www.davidrevoy.com/article322/krita-appimage-for-cats.

He then showed a Family Photo where using layers in Krita, he had pasted in a headshot that was extremely smooth and clean.  He showed us how he did it and the use of transparency in the background as well controlling visability.

He mentioned that the default keyboard shortcuts in Krita are similiar to Adobe's Photoshop.

He talked about how he was able to use an inexpensive graphic's pad which was pressure sensitve without having to install any drivers.  As a pressure sensitive pad, thickness varies as a function of pressure on the pad.  Clint note:  I verified this on my own system where I used a Wacom Bamboo pad and pressure sensitive stylus to do my "artwork" - Awesome!

Krita easier to get started on, learning curve.
Release notes for additional features:
He finished up demonstrating a very simple animation using layers and the timeline.

Martin - import raw images (uncompressed)

Martin - import raw images (uncompressed)
Clone stamp tool in Krita conversation.

Next up was Adam Lamar  who presented to us on Apache NiFi
What is Apache NiFi
A reliable wayto distribute your data
Moving Data Gracefully with Apache NiFi
Question: How hard can moving data be?
Many points of failure!
Do one thing and do it well.

This a sampling of the topics covered by Adam on Apache NiFi:
Graphical dataflow manager
    Components are drawn on an infinite canvas
    Big Data!
    Data immersion
    Library of defined processes to transferring/manipulating data/files
    Written in Java
    Two files to Installation
    Rest API interface for data control.
    "Data Provenance"
    NiFi instances (servers) can connect for direct data transfers versus handing off to a ftp server in a push pull relationship.
    GenerateFlowFile generates test files for PutFile function.
FlowFiles: Content & Attributes
    Core Unit of work
            Arbitraily Large
            Stored on Disk
            Pointers to content
            Kept in Memory
            Copy on Write (COW)
        Byte Content of each file
        Implemented as a Write-Ahead Log (WAL)
    Provenance Repositories
Other Features
    Scheduling Strategies
        timer, event, cron-style
    Priority queues
        several priority methods per connection

FlowBasedProgramming (modeling)

Resources at nifi.apache.org

        user guide
        Developer guide
        SysAdmin Guide
        Users Mailing List

We had a few short conversations at the close of the meeting.

Also, we are need of topic and presenters for upcoming meetings including our November meeting.  If you have something that you would like to see a presentation on or are willing to present, please contact c_tinsley at msn.com