October 17 Meeting Notes

Open meeting 10/17/2018

We started off the meeting 8 members present.  General conversation included the advances in Smart Phone Cameras, how good of pictures they take, the conventience, and advanced functions.  Smart Phones have replaced the point and shoot cameras that were so poplular a couple years ago even though they have a loyal user base, program features, along with advanced features not found in a Smart Phone.

September 19th Meeting Notes - Knoppix 8.2

We had a full house and Clint spent a little over 2 hours in presenting Knoppix 8.2.  These are his presentation notes:

Desktop Tour

Spoiler Alert: Magnifier pops up! - Super+M (Windows Key) opens and closes magnfier window!

Boise Linux Group July 18th Meeting report

We had 8 in attendance including our presenter for the evening.

I am going to take a difference approach to reporting the meetings, moving from my usual detailed report to a simple summary.  I am hoping this will drive attendance as I know some who just reply on my reports rather than attending the meeting.  Bottom line, if you want to know what is presented and discussed at the meeting, please join us.

Boise Linux Group April 17 Meeting Notes

We started a few minutes late, around 6:40 in that attendance was light with 8 in attendance. Then Jacob, a recent addition to our group, started his presentation on FLATPAK which turned out to be very developer focused on building your own flatpaks!  What follows is an outline taken from his presentation:

Revolutionize the Desktop

How it works
What’s in there?
Elements of a flatpak
Getting Started
SDKs and looking around
Building a flatpak
The sandbox

Boise Linux Users Group March 20th Meeting Notes

On arrival, we discovered that the overhead projection system had been replaced with a flat screen and the only connection was HDMI, not in and of itself a bad thing with most devices now supporting HDMI, rather than the old VGA connection. The downside was the library didn't have an extension cable for it. Fortunately, Clint's laptop had an HDMI connector, and with a little scrambling, we got connected to the screen, and things looked pretty good at 1368X768, mirroring Clint's laptop display and we actually enlarged the fonts for readability. We had 11 total in attendance.