Boise Linux Group July 18th Meeting report

We had 8 in attendance including our presenter for the evening.
I am going to take a difference approach to reporting the meetings, moving from my usual detailed report to a simple summary.  I am hoping this will drive attendance as I know some who just reply on my reports rather than attending the meeting.  Bottom line, if you want to know what is presented and discussed at the meeting, please join us.

Dan Yocum, a Sr. Technical Account Manager with RedHat, who is also a member of our group and based in Meridian.  He gave us an awesome presentation on OpenShift Contaniner Platform consisting of no less than 65 slides! He has made his Presentation available to us in PDF form.  If you would like a copy, please email me: c_tinsley at

After Dan’s presentation, we dived a little deeper into Container technology including Kubernetes and Atomic Host.  Add to that, some more discussion on mesh technology and the speed advantage you can get by upgrading to the newer routers.  Clint also talked about Ansible 2.3 and its’ reliance on Python 2.7, as another reason for not only leanrning about Ansible but also Python which is used by Ansible, particularly scripting things like Dynamic Inventoring of “host” servers in alway changing environment.

Our next meeting will on Wednesday, August 15th.  We are still looking for a presenter or presenter topic for the meeting.  If you have a suggestion, please email c_tinsley at  Hope you can join us.


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