Finally, A Linux Computer for Grandma!

And on Old Hardware, circa 2007!  I was surfacing Facebook the other day when I came across a Make Use Of feature that talked about MX Linux that was really great for moving from Windows in terms of look and feel and it runs on Old Harware, comes in both 32 bit and 64 bit flavors, just becareful of what you call old Hardware. My Old Hardware was an HP Media Center 64 bit with 2 Gigs of ram, sold back in 2007.
MX Linux has some solid roots in both the old Memphis Linux and Anti-X Linux and runs on Debian 9 with the xfce windows manager, very lightweight as Windows Managers go.  I am impressed by MX Linux as it is very easy to setup and configure for even things such as multi-media and playing DVD’s.  Installing most favorite applications like Chrome and media codecs are just a click away.

While it is not a speed deamon, it does boot up rather quickly and moving between windows is also very quick.  I am using MX Linux as my teaching support system on that old computer and I have multiple windows open including hexchat, Firefox, Chrome (incognito mode), Acrobat Reader 9 (comes with MX Linux), leafpad, and a terminal window.  I am able to move between the windows very quickly and do everything I would normally be using Windows 10 Pro for!  I am impressed and it doesn’t crash or hang.  It also runs Conky on the desktop so I can monitor CPU and Memory Utilization, very cool.

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