October 17 Meeting Notes

Open meeting 10/17/2018
We started off the meeting 8 members present.  General conversation included the advances in Smart Phone Cameras, how good of pictures they take, the conventience, and advanced functions.  Smart Phones have replaced the point and shoot cameras that were so poplular a couple years ago even though they have a loyal user base, program features, along with advanced features not found in a Smart Phone.

Clint then showed off the Xpump Audio System which enhances the sound from a laptop or desktop PC as well as other audio sources.  It has three levels of “enhancement”: standard, detail (level 1, high quality highs/low, and Full-Scale Enhancement providing 7.1 Home Theater sound quality.  He demonstrated it using a pair of AIWA Mulit-Media Amplified speakers and the effects were obvious but Clint added, he was impressed with the headphone quality, which even with his age-related hearing loss, the Xpump really cleaned up the audio and enhanced mode, sounded absolutely “brilliant” as if he had no hearing loss. Full details can be found at https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BYCRLGZ/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 but note that Clint got it on a “sale” day at $119, the normal price is $149.95 as currently available.  It packs a digital signal processor, built-in 7 hour battery, and both analog input and output jacks with a switch for selecting headphones or speakers usuage.

Audio Conversation

FullCircle Manazine – Still Free for the downloading or read online.

Systemd Graphical Tools:
p.18 systemd tutorial – unit types
p.24 systemd-timers
     create your own timers
     systemctl list-timers
p.30 graphical tools on KDE
Fedora Gnome:
cockpit (browser based) Can be ran on the local machine where it can accesses or a remote computer on your home network including Ubuntu/LinuxMint machines. It provides acces to and displays System performance, logs, storage information, networking, accounts, services (systemd), applicaitions, manage software updates and terminal access.

KDE: (on Fedora Gnome desktop) Systemd-System Settings Module: displays Unit type/status, configurations, sessions and active systemd Timers. “sudo kcmshell5 kcm_systemd” starts the tool on the Fedora Gnome desktop.

stacer demo:
https://github.com/oguzhaninan/Stacer/releases provides a look at the features.
dnf install stacer-1.0.9_amd64.rpm

Admin Magazine:
p. 19 Nmap (Article: Vulnerability Assesment Best Practices)
p. 64 Top – cpu modes
    E – Toggle Memory Scale (KiB)
    1 – Toggle CPU Display
    2 – Toggle NUMA Node Display (Non-Uniform Memory Access)
        numactl –hardware
    3 – Select NUMA Node
    t – toggle CPU display incl. graph representation (4 way)
    m – toggle Memory display incl. graph(s) (4 way)
    l – uptime/load average display toggle
    (usetop.txt card)

P. 92 AWX: Free Ansible Tower Solution
      Web based console for Ansible
      github.comgit clone https://github.com/ansible/awx.git

We finished the evening with Darin providing a long conversation and insights into the photo process used at Micron as the technologies have progressed in larger platters and larger yields in the production of chips.

Evening closed right at 9 PM as we wound down the conversations which is also the closing time for the Library!

We are still without any presentation topics or presenters for the up coming meeing in November.  Reminder: We need member involvement if the group is to continue meeting, it cannot ride on the shoulders of 1 or two members.  Any volunteers?

One possible topic would be Ubuntu 18.X, 18.04 LTS was released in April, the 18.04.1 update was released in June, and with Octorber came the 18.10 release.  We have not discussed or shown any of these new Ubuntu Releases this year.  I have presented on both LinuxMint 19 which is based on 18.04 and used that in the meeting as well as referencing the amount of good press the release is geting with new features like “Timeshift” which takes the worry out of backups as it is done automatically along with Arch based Manjaro, a very stable rolling release, for the new users as well as advanced users.  Any thoughts or anyone using these new Ubuntu releases that would be willing to do a presentation?


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