September 19th Meeting Notes – Knoppix 8.2

We had a full house and Clint spent a little over 2 hours in presenting Knoppix 8.2.  These are his presentation notes:
Desktop Tour

Spoiler Alert: Magnifier pops up! – Super+M (Windows Key) opens and closes magnfier window!

TaskBar (Right to Left):
Clock/Calendar, Network, Speaker, Monitor Settings, AUMix, LibreOffice, Terminal, PCmanFileManager, Chromium, Menu

Accessories: ClamTk, Disks, Files, KeePassXLeafpad, K Utils, Screenshot, Winetricks
Education: KStars Planitarium,K apps- KAlgerbra, KWorkQuiz, Tux Math/Typing
Games: Endless List! Solataire, Sodoku, I am not a gamer!
Graphics: Blender, GIMP, ImageViewer, Inkscape, Okular (PDF), OpenSCAD, Scribus
Internet: chromium, Firefox, Konqueror, Pidgin, Putty, Remmina, Remote Desktop Viewer (Vinegre Install), Thunderbird, TOR Browser
Choose/Restart Desktop, Export/Broadcast Desktop, install components (1st task), Install Knoppix Flash/HD, Printer, Samba
Office: Document Viewer (Evince), Gnumeric, LibreOffice Suite, mutt (mail), Okular (PDF)
Programming: GNU Emacs, Geany, Bluefish, Eclipse, phpMyAdmin
Sound & Video: Amarok, Dragon Player, Mplayer, VLC, Kaffeine, TVtime, OpenShot
System Tools: Disk Usage Analyser, Dophin FM, GKrellM System Monitor, HTOP, K3B, Midnight Commander FM, System Profiler/Benchmark

Install Notes:
Create DVD/USB Drive
Download iso file at,
I use Etcher ( to burn/flash USB Drives and it works well with the Knoppix iso image
The neat thing is that with Etcher, I can burn it to any size USB drive and on first boot,
Knoppix will expand the data area to the size of the drive partition.
I did most of the demo using an old slow 8 GB USB Drive that even had the labeling worn off!
The Knoppix drive I use regularly is a 128 GB USB 3.0 drive.
Second installation option is to bur the iso to a DVD, 4.7 Gigabyte in size!

The Knoppix Installer is available from either the live DVD or from the USB drive and there are two options:
1) Install it to a USB drive with or without the persistent Data partition.
With the persistent data storage on the USB drive, all updates, application installs and
your file are stored and can be taken anywhere you can boot the USB drive.
On my 128 GB drive, my data area is 119 GB which is huge!
2) Install it to a hard drive for use as a desktop operating system and it supports dual boot.
Be aware it requires a reiserfs formated partition to install to and you can do this using gparted
from the LiveDVD or the USB drive.
I installed it to a very old laptop, 32 bit, dual boot with Windows, and it worked very well!

Boot Notes:
boot menu access to select USB: My laptop requires an F12 and it doesn’t work everytime.
tab completion at boot prompt
F2/F3 helps “cheats”

Startup Notes:
passwd knoppix <= set knoppix passwd
passwd         <= set root passwd
printer setup => knoppix | printer configuration (cups portal :631)
knoppix menu | “install components” to add audacity, flash, mplayer, openshot, ttf windows fonts, tux paint, more printer drivers

my post startup “routine” (as root)
xinput disable 14           <= disable touch pad on computer, your setting maybe different
/etc/init.d/ntp start      <= start ntp process for time syncronization
/etc/init.d/vsftpd start  <= start vsftpd service
/etc/init.d/apache2 start <= start apache web sever
timedatectl set-timezone America/Boise
This assumes I have installed vsftpd and apache2 as detailed in the presentation.

vsftpd install/configure
apt-get install vsftpd
vim /etc/vsftpd.conf
Fix “invalid config” bug – add sleep 1

install libdvd-pkg for libdvdcss support and vidolan player.
Security key install
wget -O – | sudo apt-key add –
apt-get update
apt-get install libdvd-pkg
dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg

apache2 install <= apache webserver is installed but incomplete!
use tasksel as root to install “web server” <= does a complete install of apache2 including the manual!
tasksel | select “web server” and then okay.

Remote Desktop Control:
Remmina (Will not access VNC desktop from Knoppix)
Vinegre (install using apt-get)
apt-get install vinegre

Testdisk as provided by Knoppix doesn’t work. Teskdisk is a recovery utility for delete files/folders/partitions.
Install and Usage: Manual Link (PDF)
Download_and_donate.php/testdisk-7.0.linux26.tar.bz2 (Beta 7.1-WIP is available)
Directory is testdisk-7.0
Clint Solution:
create /bin directory in root # program must run as root
move directory testdisk-7.0 to /root/bin
edit /etc/profile to update path:
if [ -d “$HOME/bin/testdisk-7.0″ ]; then
executable is testdisk_static
Unfortunately I left my external hard drive at home that I was going to demo this with.

partimage: backup/restore partition images:
disk_image_with_knoppix.pdf download –

ddrescue: Failed disk recovery utility



Other Tools
apt-get install zenmap  <= Network Scanner Desktop Utiltity
sudo zenmap <= needs to ran as root
Happy network scanning!
Demonstration of my home network scan – very educational!

Knoppix 8.2 supports three desktops: LXDE, KDE, and GNome which work harmoniously together and easily set as default at boot.

Meeting closed at 8:40 PM

Our next meeting is October 17th.  Right now it is an open meeting with no presentation planned, any volunteers?


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