Ubuntu 19.04 “Disco Dingo” release and Webinar.

It’s Alive!  Distrowatch, April 18th, 2019.
The official release date is Thursday, April 18th, almost a month late from the original release date, but it looks like it will be out the later part of this week so keep an eye out of it.

I have been running the 19.04 Beta Release for about 3 weeks and have been very happy with it, no crashes or other issues, install went well.  I actually “jumped” into the 19.04 release because by 18.10 became unbootable after the last update in March.  So I salvaged my files and did a fresh install of 19.04 Beta, never looked back.  One new feature that I realy like and appears to activated by default is the “unattended-upgrade” which automatically updates my system almost daily and never prompts me except for when a reboot is required.  Checking the /var/log/apt/history.log tells me what has been updated and when!

Beyond the release notes, there will be BrightTALK hosted presentation on “What’s New in Ubuntu 19.04”, May 7th (Now, rescheduled for May 8th, wonder if the pending excitement over at RedHat with the Summit on that date has something to do with it).  Go to BrightTALK to register and search on Ubuntu.  The official blurb: Are you ready for the Ubuntu 19.04 ‘Disco Dingo’ release? Our most advanced release to date offers developers and innovators the first chance to experience the latest open source software available including the LInux 5.0 Kernel, OpenStack Stein and Kubernetes version 1.14. Join our upcoming webinar hosted by Canonical Product Director, Stephan Fabel and Ubuntu Product Managers to learn about all the above and more, including what productivity updates have been made to existing features.



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