Laptop Battery Replacement Issues

It has come painfully to my attention that user battery replacement in some of the newer (2017+) laptops is either impossible or so expensive to do that it can cost as much or more than a new and better laptop.  And it is not just the “thin” ones.  I have a ASUS ROG 17″ 2017 Laptop which is of the “Queen Mary” size, not small or thin and while battery replacement is possible, it is not “easy” or do-able by the faint of heart and if you want ASUS to replace it, cost is around $800 so I have read (Un-verified).

After I found this out about my “prized” gaming grade ROG computer which is an i7 with 12GB of RAM, not a cheap computer, only two years old, I also checked into my also prized Dell XPS 15 laptop.  While replacement is do-able, a dozen or so screws in the bottom. Also, I will have to open up the computer just to determine if I have half-sized or full-sized battery in it.  Dell is not selling the replacement batteries for this computer but they are available at Amazon and other battery sources on the net.

Bottom line:  Check-in to the battery replacement process of any laptop that you might buy.  They only last a couple of years and are the first thing to fail in a laptop computer.

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