Fedora 11 Dead On Arrival?

Fedora 11, at this point in time and in my opinion, sucks. Updates are problematic, the mirrors don't have the complete basic install packages, even OpenOffice, I had to go to the cd's to complete that Install. I have wasted so much time, the costs of trying to install Fedora 11 would be in the hundreds of dollars if tallied in billable hours. It is almost impossible to install any applications from either the base or mirror package repositories. I can not remember when installing a Linux OS was so frustrating as Fedora 11 has been.

Fedora 11 Officially Released June 9, 2009

Fedora 11 was officially released on the mirrors, June 9th. Couple of notes of interest. The files are dated a week ago, June 2nd, the date it was supposed to be released last Tuesday. DVD's are in short supply on the mirrors and the full CD set is 6 cds now. My first pass at Fedora 11 has not been favorable. Off the Fedora 11 LiveCD (Gnome) Install, seems like a lot was broken. Updates didn't work until I went in and edited both the fedora and fedora-updates repo source files. Read More...

Boise Linux Group Meeting - May 7th Notes

We had a good meeting with about 10 in attendance, some good discussion as Clint presented both Xubuntu and Ubuntu running on laptops where he demonstrated seveal ease of use features and programs. We did continue the discussion started this last Saturday at the Ubuntu 9.04 meeting with a review of some of the tips presented as well as more in depth on configuring and using the Ubuntu Desktop system. Several CD's were handed out at the end of the meeting.

Ubuntu 9.04 meeting May 2nd - University of Phoenix in Meridian‏

Ubuntu 9.04 Final was released on April 23rd! The IdahoUbuntu group will be holding a meeting on May 2nd at the University of Phoenix in Meridian from 9am to noon. The University of Phoenix is located just off (west of) Eagle Road at 3080 E Gentry Way. You can go http://maps.google.com and enter University of Phoenix Meridian Idaho in the search box which will bring up the map taking you there. Incidently, the map is showing that Gentry way is blocked off at Eagle Road now so be sure to make the turn on E Magic View Dr. and go around the block to the University of Phoenix.

LUG Meeting Notes Meeting April 2nd

We had a good turnout and a great meeting Thursday night where we spent a good two hours with author and member Ken McConnell in not only discussing his book, Null_Pointer, but also many aspects of writing and getting published. Ken sent along the following links from the evening: His web presence. ken.mcconnell@gmail.com I'm on GTalk. @kenmcconnell on Twitter @kenmcconnell on identi.ca Open Source Twitter-like protocol Ken McConnell on Facebook I don't hang out there much, but I friend just about anyone. http://myview.w0pht.org My blog.

Boise Linux Group Meeting - March 5th

We had another informative meeting on Thursday, March 5th, 6:30 PM, with 7 in attendance. Clint led off the evening with a few short announcements about the recent release of SystemRescueCD 1.1.6 and Parted Magic 1.7 which can both be used for backing up and rescueing systems now. Ed brought in a ClarkConnect server he was trying to get a SATA drive recognized but it was concluded that sata support was missing in its version of Linux kernel. Mike Brown talked about how to use those logs that get generated as one topic of discussion. This is his handout that was given to those present:

Boise Code Camp & TechFEST '09 - March 28th

Boise Code Camp, now in its fourth year, will be held on March 28th at Boise State University. If you have an interest in things computer programming or technical, you should not miss this. More details can be found on the Boise Code Camp and TechFEST ’09 website at http://www.boisecodecamp.org/. The organizers are also looking for speakers and by visiting the sessions section of the website, you will find a number of topics listed that there has been expressed an interest in or if you have a topic that you would like to present, please go to the submit session.

February 5th Meeting

We had a great meeting with 10 in attendance. All the website links from the meeting are included in this report (read more). The meeting opened with Clint showing the FOG (Free Open Ghost) server solution where he had a FOG server running on a tower, a laptop as the "host" computer, and a router/switch to complete the configuration. First stop was FOG web administration tool accessed from the laptop where he showed the different functions including how to configure and image "host" computers as well as defining images.

December 4th Meeting

Our last meeting was on Thursday, December 4th, 6:30 PM, in the Computer Lab of the Boise Public Library, Capital Blvd, across from Julie Davis Park. At the top of discussion agenda was Fedora 10, which was released on Thanksgiving. You can now run and install Fedora 10 from a single live CD (gnome or KDE 4) as well as easily install it to a USB drive. We spent about 30 mintutes before turning our discussion to loading linux on USB drives. One of the questions that was asked was USB drives work best.