Boise Linux Group August 5th Meeting Report

We had a great meeting with 14 members in attendance and one spouse. Our main presenter was Chad Nelson on the subject of playing games on Linux. He started out by showing us World of Goo, from 2dboy, which was part of the Wolfire Humble Indie game suite offering (which is now over). The game is still available from 2dboy. for $20. The Wolfire Humble Indie initiative was an "event" where Wolfire offered up a collection of 7 games for sale in a bundle but you could set your own price. Details of the event can be found at

July 21st Idaho Linux Users IRC Meetup Report

We held our second Idaho Linux Users IRC Meetup on July 21st with 5 in attendance, all from the Boise area. We did have about a 90 minute discussion, primarily centered on the planning the statewide event promoting OSS/Linux on Saturday Nov, 20th, 2010. Plans are to still shoot for four physical locations to have this event simultaneously. Those locations would be North Idaho (Moscow), South East Idaho (IF), Twin Falls and in the Boise Area. We discussed the agenda at some length, proposing three segments.

PartedMagic 5.0 Release - Just when you thought it couldn't get better!

I had my first opportunity to use the new version 5.0 of PartedMagic and all I can write is that PartedMagic just took a quantum leap as it moved from the 4.x series to 5.0 and the changes include a new opening menu screen with options not seen before including the SuperGrub disks for version 1 and 2 grub. Besides the new menu and run options, PM provides both Clonezilla and Ghost4Linux for all your cloning tasks. I used Clonezilla yesterday to move a physical hard disk to a virtual disk in VirtualBox using the cloning process, very cool.

Boise Linux Group July 1st Meeting Report

We had a great meeting with 10 in attendance including 2 who had not previously attended and were not on the mailing list. Awesome for a warm July Evening! Clint opened the meeting with a demonstration Fedora 13 which he had installed on his laptop in a dual boot configuration. His first comment was on how Fedora 13 handled the "dual monitors" of the built in "wide screen" and the overhead projector as it was observed that it left the display settings on the laptop alone but set the proper 4:3 resolution on the projector so that both displays were "normal" in appearance.

1st Idaho Linux Users IRC Meetup Report

The first Idaho Linux Users IRC Meetup was held on June 16th, 2010, at 7 PM in #idaho-linux-users on With 8 attendees, we had a lively conversation about and we were in agreement of working towards having a statewide event promoting OSS/Linux on Saturday Nov, 20th, 2010. We would shoot for four physical locations to have this event simultaneously. Those locations would be North Idaho (Moscow), South East Idaho (IF), Twin Falls and in the Boise Area.

Fedora 13 Impressions

Prologue: One of our members asked me about getting his computer working with Fedora on the second Hard Drive without disturbing the WindowsXP that occupied the primary drive or boot drive. His request had a part 2 in that he wanted to upgrade his existing Fedora 12 which was un-bootable but still installed on Drive 2. So my part was to do a test installation on one of my computers where I setup the first hard drive with WindowsXP installed, occupying the entire drive and then a second "blank" hard drive on which I would install Fedora 12 to and then do an upgrade.

IRC Chat Client Usage and Setup

This blog post is a How-to in using IRC Chat Clients. You have some choices in how to connect from your computer to our IRC session on Freenode.Net. The easiest is using a browser to connect to where you will be prompted for a Nickname (username) and a channel to connect to. I do not recommend putting a channel name at this point but clicking on "Connect" after entering a Nickname. By not entering a channel (group) name, it will take you to a status window where you can see if your Nickname is already in use (does it belong to you?).

Idaho Linux Users IRC Group Meetup Initiative

Due to some concerns about a long term relationship with the Ubuntu LoCo Team, and that all Idaho Linux Users don't use Ubuntu, it has been decided to have our own IRC channel space on rather than use the Ubuntu channel(s). I have already taken steps to register the idaho-linux-users channel space. The Idaho Linux Users IRC Group is holding its first monthly IRC Meetup on this coming Wednesday, June 16th, at 7 PM. The channel or chat room is #idaho-linux-users and all are welcome to join in.

Lucid Lynx 10.04 Ultimate Edition 2.7 Release and Wine Usage Notes

Ultimate Edition 2.7 was released this week as a DVD for both 32 bit and 64 bit and was built on Ultimate Edition 2.6 (also Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04) with the major change that it has been fully updated / upgraded and provides the following desktop environments which can be selected at the login: KDE 4.4.2, Gnome, LXDE and Openbox. The developer has included a Conky script that will create a custom conkyrc configuration based on your computer (including any external devices plugged in at the time you run it).