LiveUSB Creation

At the close of the Boise Linux Group Meeting, one of the members asked for help on creating a LiveUSB bootable device using Ubuntu 9.10. We tried it on both the member's machine and my demo computer, where it would consistently fail and only one time (a glitch) did we get even the opportunity to try to create the LiveUSB drive. We concluded, erroneously, that it was the USB drive that was being used.

February 4th Meeting Notes

We had an attentive 9 members present for Clint's main presentation on Fedora 12 and in addition, Clint also showed a new distribution release called Artistx .08 Live DVD, which was released on February 2nd of this week and is based on Ubuntu 9.04. More on this towards the bottom of the meeting notes.

January 7th Meeting Report

We had a special guest at our meeting last night in addition to the scheduled presenation on installing and configuring Linux. There were 10 in attendance. Our special guest was Scott Croft, Red Hat Professional Services, a Linux Consultant RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer). He spent about 30 minutes in updating us on the activities and programs at Red Hat as well as Fedora. Part of what was interesting is how fast they move the Fedora code in to thier Enterprise product as Red Hat releases both Fedora 13 and Enterprise 6 which may have some Fedora 13 code in it when released.

December 3rd Meeting Report

Another good meeting to report. We had 8 in attendance, about half the previous month.We led off a a short Q&A time after which Clint jumped into his prepared presentation on Grub 2 followed by a demo of JACK using Musix 2.0 and Ubuntu Studio. Clint spent a little time on using LinuxMint 8 which is based on Ubuntu 9.10 which was used for the Grub 2 demo.

December 3rd Meeting Announcement

Our next meeting is this coming Thursday, December 3rd, 6:30 PM, in the Computer Lab of the Boise Public Library, Capital Blvd, across from Julie Davis Park. On the agenda, more discussion on Ubuntu 9.10, Mint 8 is now released, and I will do a tutorial on configuring and using Grub 2 along with possible discussion on how the audio JACK panel system can be used to route and capture audio. The usual time will be allowed for Q & A. If you have something to share, show, or something you would like help with, feel free to bring your computer and we'll try to get you connected at the library.

November 5th Meeting Notes

We had a great meeting with almost a standing room only cloud (no one was standing other than Clint). Clint led off with a presentation on Ubuntu 9.10 where he first brought up some emails from other users which documented that a lot of users were having problems with this new release and that it was best to wait for a while.

November 5th Meeting Announcement

Our next meeting is this coming Thursday, November 5th, 6:30 PM, in the Computer Lab of the Boise Public Library, Capital Blvd, across from Julie Davis Park. It's been a pretty exciting month with the release of Ubuntu 9.10 "Karmic Koala" on Oct. 29th (will demo at the meeting and offer some comments on upgrading or clean install) along with several other releases including an update to Puppy 4.3.1. I will also show how use Wine and configure applications as part of the Ubuntu 9.10 demo.

SLAMPP 2.0.2 Released

I released SLAMPP 2.0.2 on October 30, 2009. Download links are available at Changes in this release include: 1. Tips and Tricks section of CD based SLAMPP info website now includes numberous how-to's in using SLAMPP. 2. CUP's now works out of the box. 3. WBAR quick launcher icons now all work. 4. Postgresql administration is now available using both PhpPgAdmin and webmin, out of the box. 5. TinyWebGallery was updated to 1.78 and now includes several folders as examples as how you can use TWG.

October 1st Meeting Report

We had another great meeting on Thursday, October 1st, 6:30 PM with 14 in attendance. Clint led off with introductions, followed a demonstration of Puppy Linux 4.30. It has been quite a while since we looked at Puppy Linux and it appears that the Puppy has grown into a full matured Puppy (Do Puppy's ever mature into full grown?), even still only 100MB in size. Puppy 4.30 now comes with full network printing support with Cups 1.11 and Clint passed around some high quality printouts made from Puppy to a Networked HP PhotoSmart C6180 printer.