Utah Open Source Conference

The Utah Open Source Conference is being held in Sandy, Utah, October 8th - 10th. http://2009.utosc.com/pages/home/ Early bird registration closes September 19th so register now if you plan on attending. So far, we have two members going from Boise and possible room for a couple more. We will be traveling down early Thursday AM and then returning on Sunday, the 11th, as the conference goes late into the evening of the 10th. Contact Clint if you are interested in going for details.

September Meeting Missed

An email was sent out to the list prior to the meeting announcing that the September 3rd Meeting was cancelled due to Boise State University opening game against the Oregon Ducks. In that our meeting location was in close proximity to the University, access and parking would have been challenging, and many of our members would be watching the game. Boise State University prevailed against the Oregon Ducks in a close well fought game on the blue turf, score was 19 - 8. The post game skirmish was not part of that game but is what will probably be remembered most.

August 6 Meeting Report

We had another great meeting on Thursday, August 6th, 6:30 PM with 10 in attendance. Ed Works led off the first 45 minutes in showing his little Acer netbook running Jolicloud (www.jolicloud.com) which is based on Ubuntu 9.04. Jolicloud model is to bring "cloud computing" to the desktop and appears to be planning on becoming a subsription service at some point as it is a business and not an community of open source developers. A French company, they just obtained 4.3 million funding from the French investment community. Read more...

July 2nd Meeting Report

We had a good meeting with 8 in attendance. On the Agenda, Martin Torres was to be presenting his experiences with using Bacula, an community driven cross platform backup solution. http://www.bacula.org/en/ Don't let the "network" based word scare you away from learning about this backup solution. Martin had some problems with his Bacula installation/configuration so he couldn't show it. We did spend about 90 minutes in discussion on serveral topics of interest. Clint espoused on the current status of Fedora 11, broken. More...

Mint 7 Rocks and Rolls!

We showed Mint 7 at our last LUG meeing (June 4th) and others are reporting back enthusiastically how great it works for them and how fast it is. Linux Mint is now the 3rd most popular download according to Distrowatch and more on this can be found at http://www.tech-no-media.com/2009/06/interview-with-clem-from-linux-mint.html I took my laptop with me to the June IPCUG meeting (06/11), held at the library in Meridian. It was awesome as I slid in my wireless card in my older laptop and connected immediately to the wireless network there.

Ubuntu 9.04 Rocks

I am using Ubutu 9.04 for a production application where it needs to run the latest subversion client, run a bunch of scripts to develop reports based on subversion respositories, and uses crontab to report results of the nightly jobs. First time I used this, I got a report from crontab that I wan not expecting (and it new how to send to me using sendmail via my alias to my real email address). Sendmail setup was straight forward and just works.

Fedora 11 Dead On Arrival?

Fedora 11, at this point in time and in my opinion, sucks. Updates are problematic, the mirrors don't have the complete basic install packages, even OpenOffice, I had to go to the cd's to complete that Install. I have wasted so much time, the costs of trying to install Fedora 11 would be in the hundreds of dollars if tallied in billable hours. It is almost impossible to install any applications from either the base or mirror package repositories. I can not remember when installing a Linux OS was so frustrating as Fedora 11 has been.

Fedora 11 Officially Released June 9, 2009

Fedora 11 was officially released on the mirrors, June 9th. Couple of notes of interest. The files are dated a week ago, June 2nd, the date it was supposed to be released last Tuesday. DVD's are in short supply on the mirrors and the full CD set is 6 cds now. My first pass at Fedora 11 has not been favorable. Off the Fedora 11 LiveCD (Gnome) Install, seems like a lot was broken. Updates didn't work until I went in and edited both the fedora and fedora-updates repo source files. Read More...

Boise Linux Group Meeting - May 7th Notes

We had a good meeting with about 10 in attendance, some good discussion as Clint presented both Xubuntu and Ubuntu running on laptops where he demonstrated seveal ease of use features and programs. We did continue the discussion started this last Saturday at the Ubuntu 9.04 meeting with a review of some of the tips presented as well as more in depth on configuring and using the Ubuntu Desktop system. Several CD's were handed out at the end of the meeting.