Boise LUG June Meeting

Our next meeting is Thursday, June 5th, 6:30 PM, in the Computer Lab of the Boise Public Library, Capital Blvd, across from Julie Davis Park. On the Agenda, we will take a look at TrueCrypt 5.1 for Ubuntu Linux. A few months back, we looked at setting up encrypted volumes and it was pretty complex. TrueCrypt makes it easy. Also, as time permits, we will take a look at some of the presentations made at LinuxFest Northwest. As always, there will be time for networking and a time for discussion of topics of interest. Meeting summary and links in the read more...

May 1st Meeting Report

We had a very well attended meeting tonight, a good discussion of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, Hardy Heron, as this release looks to be a real keeper, with a few minor issues. Clint had installed it on his old PIII 1 GHz laptop with 256 MB of Ram with good success and added on multimedia support as well as Acrobat 8 and other applications such as Gramps and Alexandria Book Collection Manager, all with good success.

Boise LUG May Meeting

Our next meeting is this coming Thursday, May 1st, 6:30 PM, in the Computer Lab of the Boise Public Library, Capital Blvd, across from Julie Davis Park. Ubuntu 8.04 LTS was released last Thursday on April 24th. LTS is a major release as the LTS is an acronym for Long Term Support with the Desktop version being supported for 3 years from the date of release and the server edition for 5 years. We will be taking a tour of this latest Ubuntu release, installation and upgrade, new features (which include Firefox 3.0 Beta 5), wireless setup and other points of interest.

Road Trip Anyone? LinuxFest Northwest April 26-27

LinuxFest Northwest 2008 is April 26 & 27th which is the last weekend of this month. I have attended this twice in the past, found it very rewarding to attend, and this year looks even better as they are going to a two day format and a very impressive list of sponsors. It's an easy day's drive from Boise, north of Seattle. The LinuxFest details are here at

Next Meeting April 3rd

Our next meeting is this Thursday, April 3rd, 6:30 PM, in the Computer Lab of the Boise Public Library, Capital Blvd, across from Julie Davis Park. We will be discussing installing Linux to USB drives, specifically the Ubuntu 7.10 LiveCD and SuSE 10.3. Pretty cool to be able to run and install Linux to and from a USB drive. There will be the usual time for discussion of other topics of interest and planning for our May meeting. Here are some links that we will be referencing in the discussions at tonights meeting:

Looking for a good reference

I got Ubuntu 7.10 and installed it on my old HP laptop (Pavilion ze1115). I'm now looking for a good desk reference that I can thumb through when I'm putzing about with Ubuntu. Any recomendations? I spent about half an hour at Barnes and Noble looking through some fo the UBuntu books, but just really couldn't decide which would help me the most. What I don't want to do is end up logging on to the Internet (yes, I'm still back in the dinosaur days of dial-up) and reading about it in the ubuntu forums for a while and then having to come back to the laptop for experimentation.

New to Linux

Just getting interested in Linux as a desktop option and getting a new desktop as well. I have ordered the latest Kubuntu through ShipIt and was wondering what kinds of hardware others are using it on. I (unfortunately) don't have nearly as much time as I would like to devote to tweaking the hardware, so was thinking of just going with a low cost solution something from Dell with pre-installed Ubuntu, or maybe even Also I am wondering if anyone has test-driven the really cheap offering from Sears ($198 after rebate) I might consider it if it isn't too bad. Thanks!

Boise Code Camp 2008!

Mark your Calendars!  Excitement is building.  Boise Code Camp 2008, Saturday, March 8th, Opening meeting at 8:30, BSU Campus, School of Business and Economics building (Next to the Library building, main campus).  Now in its third year, it is going to be bigger and better than ever.  As of Thursday, February 21st, they have 54 presentations and 40 presentations.  This year, meet the Code Trip road team, see their awesome bus, fresh from Mix08 in Vegas on March 6th. Last year, the event drew over 230 attendees.

February 7 Meeting Report

We had a good turn out tonight with over 9 in attendance as the night went on. Clint opened the meeting by welcoming one new member and a round of introduction of those present. Then he dove into a presentation on the new featurs of Ubuntu 7.10 followed by installation tips and adding software to the system using one of the howto's listed below as well as using Automatix2.

Next Meeting Announcement

Our next meeting is Thursday, February 7th, 6:30 PM, in the Computer Lab of the Boise Public Library, Capital Blvd, across from Julie Davis Park. Our main presentation tonight will be on Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon (7.10) as I talked about in the previous blog entry. We will look at fresh desktop install, using Automtix2 for installing media support and non-free applications, some issues you may come up against, and tuning the desktop for optimal performance. We will also discuss some issues in upgrading or a clean install.