Boise Linux Group Sept 5th Meeting Notes

Our thanks to Darryl Kurt for supplying these notes of the meeting.  Darren started off the meeting by talking about watching streaming movies from Netflix on a Linux machine. This hasn't been supported because Digital Rights Management (DRM) is required by the movie companies in order for them to grant a streaming license to Netflix. DRM is built into Microsoft SilverLight, but is not available for open source (the Linux world) because of fears that it will be misused to pirate copy-righted movies.  Sometime around November 2012, Netflix-Desktop was released.

LinuxMint 15 & Linux Format Magazine (LXF174)

It is no scret that Linux Format magazines is one of my favorites, even though a bit spendy at $16 a month (I really should subscribe but then how would I aviod the thrill of going to the bookstore to see if is in yet?)!  The September issue was not a disappointment as not only was it was rich in content (grub2, puppet, encryption - the short list) but also included 4 distributions on its DVD, Mint 15, Bodhi, Siduction and SnowLinux.  Long story made short, the "superspin" of LinuxMint 15 caught my attention in that it includes 4 different desktops, Mate, Cinnamon, KDE and Unity.&

Boise Lunux Users August 1st Meeting Report

Darin open the meeting tonight for the early arrivals with a demonstration of both KDE's Dolphin file manager as a tool to convert music tracks from CD's to files you can use on your mobile device.   Dophin makes this a drag'n'drop operation but it has  some limitations such as not being able to change the sampling rate from 128kbits to something higher (or lower), nor does it provide any notification of completion of the tracks as they are converted.  Darin gets around these limitations by using K3B which provides full control over the conversion process including bit r

June 6th Meeting Report

With thanks to Darryl Kuhrt, here is the report of our June 6th Meeting: Meeting led off with a discussion on BitTorrent Sync which can be used to do folder to folder synchronization between two client PCs (Linux 2.6+, Windows XP+, Mac OS X Snow Leopard+). Connections are controlled by the sharing of a "secret" (password key). "Secrets" can be specific for read-write sharing, read-only sharing, one-time only read-write sharing, and one-time only read-only sharing. Bittorrent Sync.

May 2nd Meeting Report

We had a pretty good turnout and serveral subjects of discussion including a demonstration of the latest version Airdroid 2.0 which now allows you to take control of your Android based device from your computer and will even allow you to "wipe" your mobile device if lost (as long as it accessable). Our next meeting is June 6th.

Boisel Linux Group Meeting Report - March 7th, 2013

Meeting started off well with 12 in attendance. Ed had brought a small system that he was trying to load from a bootable USB drive loaded with ClearOS, a gate server version, derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux source code. We spent a little over an hour on this project. All would go well until just after partitioning, the installer would "lose" the install image that was on the USB drive or at least couldn't find it in order to continue. Ed's system is using Jetway IPC board, NF9D-2700, a miniITX form factor with an Atom processor, which was thought to be 64 bit.

Idaho Ubuntu LoCo (Local Community) Meeting Report - Tuesday, February 26th. - LAMP Server

Updated 02/28/2013 - Meeting was held at the Open Lab Idaho, from 6:30-8:30 PM. Clint Tinsley of the Boise Linux Group was the presenter. The presentation focused on adding a full LAMP server to a basic Ubuntu 12.04.2 server with no graphical tools or desktop to create a webserver running WordPress and phpMyAdmin.

Boise Code Camp - March 16th, 2013

Looking forward to another Boise Code Camp on March 16th! A Boise signature event for the Technical Community, it draws several hundred attendees and the its free to attend! The Boise Ubuntu Group is putting together a group of volunteers to have a table at the event as well as help out where possible. What they are proposing includes an Open Source informational table this year, little swag (give aways) for the table, plus some fun things to look at - and of course some informational flyers for the table and bags. The details from Boise Code Camp:

February 7th Boise Linux Group Meeting Report

Thanks for Darin for the following report: We had quite an eventful evening. Arriving at 6:00 to help Tammie with her laptop, Martin and I find our standard room is occupied by a "brownie" troop. Martin noticed they would finished at 7:00, but another group was scheduled right after them. No other rooms were open, so we met on the 3rd floor at the recommendation of the scheduling assistant. The Boise Public Library made the executive meeting room available to us suit at no charge (normally it's $25).

Boise Linux Group Meeting Report - January 3rd, 2013 - System Rescue CD's, Backup and Recovery

The first meeting of the year was held on January 3rd at the Boise Public Library! with 8 members present and almost as many laptop computers in attendance! Clint led off the meeting with his planned presentation of System Rescue Tools as listed here. He had brought two computers networked together for the demonstration of these tools. Live CD Shown: (available as LiveCD's that can be created as bootable USB devices) SystemRescueCD PartedMagic