September 1st Meeting - DreamStudio, JACK, Questions Answered, Childsplay, Shutter

The September 1st meeting was our first meeting in the new Gates Meeting room at the Boise Public Library! Accommodations are very nice as we now have a meeting table to sit at along with a new overhead projector; only downside is that there are no wired connections in the room but the Library does have a open wireless system. We had 9 in attendance this night. Clint spent the first 45 minutes demonstrating a new distro, Dream Studio, based on Ubuntu 11.04 Natty with the Unity desktop.

August 4th Meeting AriOS Audacity Rootkits MC-Midnight Commander

We had another good meeting with 9 members present including 2 new attendees. We were given the Auditorium for the evening which was very nice, one time only. Clint led off the evening with a demonstration of AriOS 3.0 which he had recently installed. Clint likes this distribution, even better than LinuxMint, as a replacement for Windows. Not only does it come with all the multi-media codecs that are provided by LinuxMint, but it is truer to Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Alternatives - Artistx - AriOS

There are several "mega" alternatives to the basic Ubuntu 11.04 Desktop with or without the Unity desktop. Among the alternatives are the Ultimate Edition including its Gamers Edition, SuperOS, Artistx and AriOS, all of which are installed from DVD. Ultimate Edition 2.9 is still stuck in 10.10 has not been updated to the 11.04. SuperOS, I did try but for some reason that escapes me, I did not keep it around.

July 7th Meeting Wireless Networking, Routers, Adapters and DD-WRT

We had another good meeting with 8 members present and lots of discussion including extending our home wireless networks for video streaming to TV and Blue-Ray devices to watch online movies such as Netflix where hardwire network connections are not possible. Clint led off the presentation on "How He Did That" in configuring his home network, which consists of 4 routers with only two being used as Routers.

Ubuntu Idaho Meeting - June 14th Report

Ubuntu Idaho is a separate group from the Boise Linux User Group and this in not an official report of their activities. However, I am member of the Ubuntu Idaho LoCo Team and active in the group as well as supporter of their activities. On Tuesday, June 14th, they held a meeting in room 206 of the University of Phoenix in Meridian and had 11 in attendance. It was a very good and informative meeting as they had 4 presentations during the course of the evening (7PM - 9PM).

May 5th Meeting Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal

Tonight's Meeting focus was on showing Ubuntu 11.04 Natty and the Unity desktop and we spent about an hour and half doing so. Linux is undergoing some significant changes in the way we experience the Desktop. With Ubuntu, the future is Unity as we move towards touch screens and a friendlier workspace. It is different from the world of drop down cascading windows like menus and panels taking up valuable real estate at the top and bottom (or sides) of your screen.