Boise Code Camp 2008!

Mark your Calendars!  Excitement is building.  Boise Code Camp 2008, Saturday, March 8th, Opening meeting at 8:30, BSU Campus, School of Business and Economics building (Next to the Library building, main campus).  Now in its third year, it is going to be bigger and better than ever.  As of Thursday, February 21st, they have 54 presentations and 40 presentations.  This year, meet the Code Trip road team, see their awesome bus, fresh from Mix08 in Vegas on March 6th. Last year, the event drew over 230 attendees.  Boise Code Camp is entirely free but they do request that you pre-register on their website at Boise Code Camp where you can also find more information on who should attend (you!)  A quick link to the full schedule and presentations is here where you will find the current schedule (subject to change) and bio's of the presenters.