Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal less Unity Desktop

It appears that a number of Ubuntu distributions are releasing the version of 11.04 without the Unity desktop. Among these are Zorin and Pinguy_0S_11.04. Pinguy_OS_11.04 is a very interesting distribution, it is DVD in size (1.6 GB), and borrows from other distributions including LinuxMint and Fedora. When it boots up, it looks like Fedora with its blue progress bar across the bottom of the screen, and when I started the updater, mintUpdate flashes on the screen before starting synaptic and it uses the same menu display as LinuxMint (and openSUSE) GNOME, except it is at the top left instead of bottom left. It has a nice Docky implementation for both applications on the bottom plus one for files on left hand side of the screen. It has a lot of applications not included in the Ubuntu 11.04 default release. It is available as LiveDVD which also serves as the installation media. More details and screenshots at Web8Upd and download from Sourceforge. There is also a release candidate for available for LinuxMint 11 GNOME as they get close to their final release for LinuxMint 11. Update on Pinguy_OS_11.04 - I initially installed in a virtual using VirtualBox and it went very well, I was impressed. Even sounds worked and webshot like screen backgrounds worked. Updates worked flawlessly. Really didn't see any issues. Then I installed it on older hardware, an 6 year old Athlon XP+ 2200 with 2 GB of RAM, nothing but issues. The weird thing is that I had Natty installed on this machine and it was working quite nicely including the Unity Desktop. With Pinguy, startup sounds don't work, CD's would even play. To get multimedia to work, I followed the procedure for adding multimedia support as though there was none to start with and what I observed, some packages were installed but most were not. I was then able to play my music CD's. Then I tried a DVD, both with Movie Player and VLC, neither worked sufficiently well enough to play a video smoothly. I have played commercial DVD's on this system previously. The differences are so drastic between the Pinguy virtual machine install and Pinguy on this physical machine , It is like I am not even working with the same release even though I used the same installation media for both installs. I gave up on this physical machine, too many issues but on appropriate hardware, it is an impressive release but it is still a base install for the most part and you will have to do some work in getting the desktop your way. I am keeping the Pinguy virtual machine active as there is a lot to be learned from their implementation of the Global tool bar and applets along with Conky and it seems to work very well.