Ubuntu Idaho Meeting - June 14th Report

Ubuntu Idaho is a separate group from the Boise Linux User Group and this in not an official report of their activities. However, I am member of the Ubuntu Idaho LoCo Team and active in the group as well as supporter of their activities. On Tuesday, June 14th, they held a meeting in room 206 of the University of Phoenix in Meridian and had 11 in attendance. It was a very good and informative meeting as they had 4 presentations during the course of the evening (7PM - 9PM). The first presentation was on OpenShot video editor, a very capable but easy to use free open-source video editor. The presentation included a "green screen" segment demonstrating OpenShot's chroma key functionality in providing a clean foreground object that was keyed over a background. Among its capabilities is 3D titling and supports the use of many video, audio, and image formats in the creation of videos for YouTube, Flickr, as well as the common video formats! The second presentation was on Inkscape .48 and was an excellent introduction to the use of Inkscape to create vector based shapes and text on a path as well as an examination of the exported XML text code that can be integrated into web pages. The presenter also took the time to explain Inkscape tools bars as well as some shortcuts for setting things like color, opacity, etc. There is a lot of documentation for this highly popular application starting with the Inkscape's website at http://inkscape.org The third presentation was by the youngest member of the audience, a 15 year old, who demonstrated how to play Mindcraft on Linux both in single player mode as well as online multiplayer. He also showed a video on how to play Mindcraft and provided additional resources such as the Mindcraft Wiki where you can find out more about it. The last presentation was a demonstration of PhotoRec (part of the Testdisk toolset), a command line utility and how to use it to recover deleted photos from a USB thumbdrive. At the close of the meeting, we discussed the IRC Chat Room and how we might effectively use it in the future. It was suggested that we would conduct a poll among those on the mailing list for the group in determining the best time to hold a "meeting" in the Chat Room on a regular basis. And with that, the meeting closed right at 9 PM.