Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Alternatives - Artistx - AriOS

There are several "mega" alternatives to the basic Ubuntu 11.04 Desktop with or without the Unity desktop. Among the alternatives are the Ultimate Edition including its Gamers Edition, SuperOS, Artistx and AriOS, all of which are installed from DVD. Ultimate Edition 2.9 is still stuck in 10.10 has not been updated to the 11.04. SuperOS, I did try but for some reason that escapes me, I did not keep it around. ArtistX was a distribution I really liked when I used it in its 1.0 version but with 1.1 which is based on 11.04, it has not been a lot of fun. Artistx provides a rich Unity experience with over 1700 applications to choose and offers both the Natty Unity Desktop and a traditional cascading menu system which is very nice. It is the largest of DVD's distro's almost filling the DVD when burned and almost 8 GB in its installed form. I don't how much testing Artist 1.1 was given as I am continuing to find problems with and as an update to 1.0, there appears to be a lot of left-overs. Last night, I discovered that even though there was an icon for K3b CD/DVD program, it was broken, and I couldn't do a reinstall because of "broken" packages. The broken packages was the k3b-data package left over from a previous version of K3b from a repository that wasn't even in the apt sources. The fix was remove the old k3b-data package and then do a fresh install of K3b. I had a similar issue with Banshee and even after reinstalling, there was no integration with the volume control on the panel. Also, on inserting a CD or DVD, there is no applications available to "auto-play" the CD or DVD. AriOS 3.0 International is from Iran which cause some to avoid it but it is a very nice clean desktop and based on 11.04 Natty, works out of box including playing my favorite CD's and DVD's. It also features a cascading menu system along with a docked application that works like Unity but doesn't take up the desktop space. Banshee wasn't included but installation of Banshee was clean and when done, it was integrated into the desktop volume control applet just as it would be in a Unbuntu 11.04 desktop. AriOS does include the LibreOffice system and in looking under the Office tab, I found something called the GoldenDict (Dictionary) is very neat and provides both standard word definitions as well as wiki related content which can be very educational when looking up words, like Iranian. Personal comment. I like Natty and Unity and for me, I decided to go with a plain vanilla Ubuntu 11.04 Natty installation with Unity on my re-incarnated laptop and then build my "Perfect Desktop" to my needs from the standard repositories including Medibuntu and some of the PPA's for things like the Gimp and others. This way I know what was actually used to build my desktop which makes updating easy along with resolving any problems that pop up over time due to repositories that may have "gone away" and I don't have a lot of stuff on my system that I don't use or will ever use. However, installing and using the mega distributions is educational in learning the different applications that are out there and available for Ubuntu 11.04.