September 1st Meeting - DreamStudio, JACK, Questions Answered, Childsplay, Shutter

The September 1st meeting was our first meeting in the new Gates Meeting room at the Boise Public Library! Accommodations are very nice as we now have a meeting table to sit at along with a new overhead projector; only downside is that there are no wired connections in the room but the Library does have a open wireless system. We had 9 in attendance this night. Clint spent the first 45 minutes demonstrating a new distro, Dream Studio, based on Ubuntu 11.04 Natty with the Unity desktop. The pluses to found in this distro is that it uses a low-latency kernel to support video and audio applications plus JACK and a full complement of JACK applications included along with some of the best of multi-media applications. Clint mentioned that the non-free codecs and dvdlibcss are not included so these would have to be installed to make it a complete multimedia desktop. Here are the Link that Clint used in his presentation. Dream Studio Links DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 420, 29 August 2011 New distributions added to database - Dream Studio "Dream Studio 11.04 Dick MacInnis has announced the release of Dream Studio 11.04: " is proud to announce the official release of Dream Studio 11.04. This exciting new version of Dream Studio has all the features that have made past releases one of the most successful multimedia software packages out there, including multi-user, PulseAudio-integrated real-time audio via JACK for use with programs like Ardour, the renowned Cinelerra video editor, a full graphic and web design suite, photography tools, and hundreds of assorted audio and video effects, fonts, and utilities for everything from multimedia file conversion to simple office work and web browsing. New features: Blender has been upgraded to version 2.59, with the Ocean Sim patch applied; several new programs, including MakeHuman, Sonic and Smasher, have been added...." Read the rest of the release announcement ( full details." Dream Studio Page: What's In a Dream (Application Short List) Tutorials Dream Studio Blog Dream Studio Download/Install page Other: JACK Sync: A Primer For Linux Users Paul Davis JACK JACK JACK Audio Website JACK Aware Applications Routing GStreamer audio via JACK JACK Server Links What is JACK? (Ubuntu) UbuntuStudio Preparation How To JACK Configuration (Ubuntu) How To Qjack Ctl Connections Book of Audacity, Carla Schroder, no starch press. About $30. Includes section on configuring Audacity to work with JACK, along with a couple of pages on the history of Linux Audio systems (OSS, ALSA, PulseAudio, and others along the way), and slightly dated appendix on supported Audio devices. Mike had about 8 questions he was seeking answers to, highlights included checking the repositories being used by Software Center and apt-get, removing repositories from /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ along setting scripts to executable and taking screenshot which led to a download and demo of the package "Shutter" from Ubuntu which offers a number of capabilities, including printing along with editing with the ability to add text and graphics highlights, which are not found in the standard screen shot utility. Mike asked about using Synergy to access his laptop so that he could use a large screen monitor and a regular keyboard on his laptop and several options were discussed including using a KVM; Clint explained how he simply plugged in a 22" monitor and USB Wireless keyboard/mouse into his laptop which is "remote (by about 3 fee)" from his desktop to accomplish what Mike wanted to do Another of Mike's questions about the Childsplay educational set of games, a free download from the Ubuntu repository. We did a quick download of this application and it loaded successfully so apparently Mike's issue was with updating, an area where Mike has been having some difficulty and had a question on as well. Member Chad provided a couple of resources to the many Linux related podcasts available for listening. He also talked about how he uses his podcast client to download podcasts overnight and download (sync) them to his player so he can listen to them during the day while he is working. He uses gPodder to handle the downloads and then syncs them to his Sansa clip + player. Podcast links: We also installed LinuxMint 11 on a member's computer during the meeting and Clint got his Broadcom wireless adapter working towards the close of the meeting. Member Darin Miller volunteered to present on how he uses his Android Smartphone to track his every move and then upload that information into his computer where he can use it with Google Earth to map his travels. He said there are a number of applications that he uses the GPS data with, both on the smartphone and on the computer. We will be looking forward to his insightful presentation at our October meeting. Clint also announced that UbuntuIdaho will be having their monthly meeting on Tuesday September 13th at the University of Phoenix in Meridian. Clint will be sending out an email with the details as soon as they are available as well as posting them on our website.