Sept. 13 UbuntuIdaho Meeting - The GIMP & Subsonic Media Server

The UbuntuIdaho LoCo team held a meeting on September 13 at the University of Phoenix in Meridian with 12 in attendance. Click on Read more for the details... Darin S. Miller spent about an hour presenting on the GIMP. He led off with a demo on how to create objects using layers touching on floating objects and layer visibility. He then moved on to working with a photo of his wife hiking in the mountains where he demonstrated how to use the GIMP tools to remove his wife from the photo and effectively restoring the "what might have been" information in the photo which was a fairly complex background of rocks and forest elements. He did this by first using the GIMP tools to outline his wife in the photo and then using a neat plug-in (free but has to be downloaded) called gimp-resynthesizer which then processed the "wife" selection and synthesized the background as though she had never been in the photo. Resynthesizer is not perfect so Darin then spent some time demonstrating how to use the a clone paint brush and the GIMP's clone tool to fix the background elements. He also touched on using the GEGL libraries, included in GIMP 2.6, to process photos quicker than GIMP's own native tools for making photo corrections. A very informative presentation. Thanks Darin. Concluding the evening was short presentation by Paul Wilch on the Subsonic Media Server, an easy to use media server you can set up to make your music and video's available any where including your smartphone and supports iPhones, Android based phones and tablets, and the Windows 7 phone. Subsonic also supports name service by which you can get an URL that you can use to access your media on the Internet. Subsonic is Java based so it is very much cross platform. More information on Subsonic can be found at This was the last meeting that the Ubuntu Idaho LoCo team will be holding at the University of Phoenix as they will be looking for a new meeting location. Various options were discussed at the close of the meeting.