LinuxMint 12 Popularity Soars - Commentary

This morning, it was reported that based on Distrowatch numbers, that LinuxMint 12 has surpassed Ubuntu 11.10 in downloads, at least on today's counts. I think it is awesome that LinuxMint 12 is being recognized as the Windows Desktop replacement that it is and that they are meeting the users needs in preserving the traditional GNome desktop. However, I donot take glee in the fact that LinuxMint 12 has surpassed Ubuntu in download popularity, after all, if there was no Ubuntu, it is unlikely there would be LinuxMint to download. One must also temper the LinuxMint 12 download numbers with the fact that for every download of LinuxMint 12, you are downloading a copy of Ubuntu 11.10 on which it is based and if you add the numbers of raw Ubuntu 11.10 numbers to those LinuxMint 12, it only points to Ubuntu 11.10 being the most downloaded distribution in our time. LinuxMint 12 is to be applauded in its implementation of the GNome desktop in providing the most user friendly desktop meeting the needs of thousands of Linux users while at the same time implementing the latest technology including the GNome 3.x Shell which is just a click away for those who want to use the news GNome desktop. LinuxMint 12 is also the standard "Windows Replacement" desktop for migrating Windows users to Linux in providing the most Windows like experience including multi-media support with DVD support and Microsoft compatible full Libre-Office suite with a high level of hardware compatibility, meaning it runs on just about everything without having to download or install drivers. Update - 12/19/2011 - Distrowatch published a very complimentary review of LinuxMint 12 in their online publication DistroWatch Weekly entitled "A dozen mints (a review of Linux Mint 12)." One other note, this morning Ultimate Edition 3.0 was available for download. Traditionally, Ultimate Edition has been based on the current release (or at least the previous release) of Ubuntu. Noteworthy is the release announcement which states "Ultimate Edition 3.0 is unlike any previous release. Ultimate Edition 3.0 was built from Linux Mint 11 'Katya', which in itself was built from Ubuntu 11.04 'Natty Narwhal'. A slew of issues have been resolved. I have dubbed this release 'ULTAMINT'." Download is available at Sourceforge. - Clint, BLUG Founder