June 7th Meeting Notes - Non-PAE installation of Ubuntu 12.04

Meeting went well with Darin leading the meeting in Clint's absence. He started off with doing a installation of a non-PAE Unbuntu 12.04 on older hardware using the directions found on the webupd8te website. One of our members presents was having difficulty installing the non-PAE and was going to try this method on a couple of his PC's. Darin had planned on demonstrating a manual install of the latest Libre Office, however the past PPA's were not existent. Others present said they had seen a PPA, so after some googling, we found the PPA and installed LO (ppa:libreoffice/ppa.) The group also discussed serveral other topics including using PAVUControl (Pulse Audio Volume control) and recording from the internal sound. Recording of the internal Audio Analog channel can be accomplish from the Pulse Audio volume control. On the Input Device tab, select All Input Devices on the Show drop down. Toggle the mute icon (looks like a speaker) to enable recording from the simple sound recorder included with Ubuntu. Thanks go to Darin for leading the meeting. Our next meeting will be on July 5th at the Boise Public Library!, details still to be determined.