July 5th Meeting Notes - Fedora 17 Ultimate Edition 3.4 Netrunner 4.2

We had a good turnout of 9 for a July 5th meeting! Afer some preliminary open discussion involving several members, Clint began the meeting with his planned presentation on the latest Fedora Desktop release 17, a.k.a."Beefy Miracle". This release is being hailed by some as Fedora 17 & GNOME 3.4: Return to a useful Linux desktop (Review) and Clint said his experience with it had been very favorable and he was using it on a daily basis for preparing instruction materials, obtaining command line captures along with screen captures, all on a 6+ year old laptop (P4, ATI graphics). He then spent some time on how he built his laptop using the The Perfect Desktop - Fedora 17 step-by-step at the HowTo Forge. He mentioned that he does not install everything that is recommeded there but only loads the programs he uses or needs. Clint also noted that while the "Perfect Desktop" gets you close, is not Perfect. Referencing Duskfire's Blog Fedora 17 Review, there are three third party utilities to help achieve perfection: Autoplus, easyLife, and Fedora Utils. Clint used the Fedora Utils available for download from Sourceforge which fixed mplayer amoung other things and added Wine to the installed packages. Download Fedora 17 at the project website Moving on, Clint then booted up the Ultimate Edition 3.4 DVD, a Long Term Release based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. The DVD is over 3 GB in size and contains just about every program you would ever want to use including Handbrake, all configured and working, complete with lots of eye candy which worked out-of-the box from the live DVD on Clint's older laptop. One could refer to the Ultimate Edition as a everything but the kitchen sink release and maybe if look deep enough, you might even find the kitchen sink. More than a couple of members were going to try this release, if only for the fact that Handbrake was installed and working. On the minus side, Gimp 2.6 had not been upgraded to the latest 2.8 version. You can download Ultimate Edition 3.4 from their website. Clint then finished his presentations on distributions by booting up Netrunner 4.2 Dryland Second Edition from another live DVD and commenting while it was loading that tonight's presentations were about "What do you want in a Linux Desktop" as there are alot of choices out there. Netrunner 4.2 is based on Kubuntu 12.04 LTS KDE release but there is where the semblance ends. Netrunner 4.2 is a very complete desktop featuring cascading windows like menu structure and more that a couple of features not found in other variants of Ubuntu. These include Runner-ID, a 1 GB cloud storage application, a centralized web apps access panel for your web accounts like facebook, gmail, and a Samba Mounter for file shares. Fully updated, Netrunner 4.2 includes Gimp 2.8 and full multimedia support. You can find out more about Netrunner 4.2 and download it from their website. After Clint's presentations, we met until about 8:30 with other discussions and problem solving. A couple of us stayed almost until 9 PM, as we hurried out as the library was closing Our next meeting will be on August 2nd at the Boise Public Library!, details still to be determined