August 2nd Meeting Notes * Rasberry Pi * Installing 12.04 NOACPI * Conversations

Had another good meeting! Ed W. brought his Raspberry Pi in and hooked it up and gave us a demo. It was running the Raspberry version of Fedora. Had a 1080p video output, wireless all running from a sd card. During the meeting, we played with Ed's Raspberry Pi. With Federal 18 installed, it ran very slow-the CPU hit 100% by invoking almost any activity. We were able to power the device off my USB port of my laptop. The HDMI out plugged straight into the projector and worked great. We recommended that Ed try Ubuntu 12.10 as the kernel has many ARM optimizations or try Jelly Bean. Ed also wasn't sure what speed of SD card he was using, so that could have also contribute to the slowness. Darin helped one member load 12.04 on a Gateway laptop, using the used the noACPI option during boot (Hit the F6 key from the live boot and select the NOACPI option). The laptop continues to boot with a black screen, but the back light will respond by using the keyboard brightness key combinations. Conversations included home security DVRs using Linux and Hugh S. showed the system that he had purchased for $123. Also discussed was gaming computers using different CPUs. Our next meeting will be September 6th at 6:30 PM in the 1st floor meeting room of the Boise Public Library. Mark your calendars.