November 1st Meeting Report * Discussions * FreeNAS

We had a pretty good turnout with one new person who pretty much took over the meeting in talking about BackTrack Linux - A Penetration Testing Distribution, Navigating the Internet by avoiding default DNS servers and Project Meshnet, and his experience in building his own distributed computing kernel that utilizes similarly configured pc's to share processing time and power. Member Chad spoke about how Drop Box sharing uses his home network to sync PC's on the same network including windows systems. Member Hugh gave a short demo of windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.10, neither which he likes. Member Maurice is continuing his work with NFS and asked some questions as to the proper setup of NFS, but none us of were very experienced with it. A special thanks for member Darin in providing the notes for the meeting which made this report possible. Maurice later reported in that he got his FreeNAS server working with the following notes: Using the ZFS file system I created a single volume using 2 drives. Within this volume (Volume1) I created 3 directories - Documents, ISOs and Videos. My original intent was to make the entire Volume a share and be able to read/write to any directories it contained. After trying some different things, I decided to take a different approach. I created 3 shares mnt/Volume1/Documents, mnt/Volume1/ISOs etc. In the fstab file I created the three corresponding entries to mount these in a single directory within my home directory. I "id'd" myself on the client and found I was maurice-uid1000 and maurice-gid1000. In FreeNas I created a new user maurice and a new group maurice both with 1000 as the id's. I added maurice as a member of group maurice. For these three shares I set the mapall user and mapall group to maurice/maurice. When I mapped user and group to nobody/nobody as suggested in a FreeNAS online document on any of these shares, they couldn't be written to. I tested this by setting 2 of the 3 shares to nobody/nobody and I could only write to the one owned by me. Prior to sitting down and outlining "the fix" for this I spent some more time in the FreeNAS GUI and I think I see where I went wrong from the very beginning. I got fixated on the permissions of the share (Volume1) and completely overlooked the 'owner of the Volume itself' as found in Storage>Volumes>Permissions. When the entire volume was configured as a share (and owned by root) the directories inside couldn't be written to even when they were set to maurice/maurice ownership. Unless I am missing something it appears that when root owns the volume you can't share the volume as a whole and write to a directory inside the volume even when you own the directory. I put this machine together more to learn about FreeNAS than to actually use it as a server (for now). I am going to play with it more to learn what works and what doesn't. For me, it isn't really fun if it isn't a bit difficult - and it's been fun so far! Our next meeting will be Thursday, December 6th. We will be meeting in our usual location in the 1st floor meeting room of the Boise Public Library! at 715 S. Capitol Blvd, at 6:30 PM. The 1st floor meeting room is located in the rear of the library on the right side as you enter through the main doors, behind the Audio CD area.