February 7th Boise Linux Group Meeting Report

Thanks for Darin for the following report: We had quite an eventful evening. Arriving at 6:00 to help Tammie with her laptop, Martin and I find our standard room is occupied by a "brownie" troop. Martin noticed they would finished at 7:00, but another group was scheduled right after them. No other rooms were open, so we met on the 3rd floor at the recommendation of the scheduling assistant. The Boise Public Library made the executive meeting room available to us suit at no charge (normally it's $25). The room lacked a projector, but it did have a very large table and 22" flat screen TV complete with a VGA input. And the meeting actually got under way at 6:30; thanks to Darrel for providing a VGA cable for connection to the TV. So with new comer Fred, Chad, Martin, and Darrel, I was ready to start the meeting. But then for the next five minutes several new people streamed into the room. I was sure we must have overlapped some regularly scheduled meeting and everyone would be surprised when they discovered Linux as our discussion topic. But no! Everyone was there to discuss Linux! Given the number of new people, I introduced myself and requested the same of the attendees. (Most of the details I recalled from memory so please correct and forgive any inaccuracies.) At meeting start, I requested a show of hands of how many people had played Doom. Surprisingly, about 3/4's of the people had played it. Doom is not a Steam game, and though Steam was the intended topic of the night, Doom would make good segue. Counterstrike, released last week on Steam in beta, was a game I had purchased many years ago. As I was rummaging through my CD library trying to find my Counter Strike CD key. I came across my Doom2 CD. I had heard Doom would play on Linux as long as the user provided the .wad (or map) files.I searched the repositories for Doom and found several players. I installed chocolate-doom, freedoom, doomsday and vavoom. Either via Google or in reading comments in the Muon package manager, someone recommended using game-data-packager to bundle the doom2.wad file into a .deb package for easy installation. So after installing game-data-packager, I ran the following 2 commands to install my Doom wad files: •game-data-packager doom2 /media/DOOM2_V17A/doom2cd/doom2.wad •sudo dpkg -i *.deb While all the Doom players seem to work, vavoom was the most flexible and least crash prone. It provided a drop down to choose the Doom map and allows custom resolutions . A very brief Doom demo pursued. Next, I opened Steam to demonstrate the Steam menu system and suddenly Steam disappeared. Fortunately, Steam had closed itself and proceeded to download an update. (Steam unintentionally demonstrated it's self updating capability.) While updating, I mentioned that until this weekend, Steam on my box refused to self update. Following the recommendations of the Steam error prompts failed to fix the update issue. Once the latest Steam was manually downloaded, Steam has been self updating ever since. Also, Steam is 32bit and requires a specific version Adobe flash for game preview. Follow this link (from the Boise Community Ed Linux website), for the latest Steam versions link and flash installation instructions: https://sites.google.com/site/bcelinux/classroom-news/steamon64bkubunt A cursory review of Steam menu was performed. AJ and Martin provided additional input for Steam navigation and filtering "Linux only" games. What was not demonstrated: •Launching of a Steam game (even though I had found my Half-life/Counterstrike registration key and had it downloaded locally for demonstration). •Using the message center to join a friends game •The Big Picture option: •Community: Friends, Profile, Game Hubs, Disscussions, etc. Next a brief KDE 4.10 demonstration. Kubunt 12.04 and 12.10 users can update to 4.10 with the following command: •sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports While most of the updates in 4.10 are QT 5.0, QML rewrite of the plasmoids for the plasma desktop, a new feature that Darin likes is the menu embedded in the titlebar. To enable, go to: • System Setting -> Application Appearance -> Style (section) -> Fine Tuning (tab). Menubar style (bottom dropdown). As of now, only the Oxygen theme fully supports this option. Others themes are soon to follow. A discussion of DE's followed in response to Trevor's question of "What is KDE?". We had a great post meeting discussion. •Darrel and Martin advised Mike on running firmware recovery software to retrieve his lost partition. •AJ and Darin advised Trevor on desktop environments while demonstrating ISO burning with Brasero. Live boot was also demonstrated with the newly burned CD. •Several other independent discussions occurred but I did not catch their topic Chad recorded the entire meeting and has posted it on Hacker Public Radio where you can listen to meeting. Next meeting will be held on March 7th, 2013. Meeting agenda to be announced.