June 6th Meeting Report

With thanks to Darryl Kuhrt, here is the report of our June 6th Meeting: Meeting led off with a discussion on BitTorrent Sync which can be used to do folder to folder synchronization between two client PCs (Linux 2.6+, Windows XP+, Mac OS X Snow Leopard+). Connections are controlled by the sharing of a "secret" (password key). "Secrets" can be specific for read-write sharing, read-only sharing, one-time only read-write sharing, and one-time only read-only sharing. Bittorrent Sync. FLAC to MP3 Converter - FLAC is described as a lossless audio format. An on-the-fly FLAC to MP3 converter is available to convert music files to personal audio player (iPod, MP3 players, etc.). MP3FS is in the repository as a "Fuse filesystem for transcoding FLAC to MP3 on the fly". MP3FS FLAC to MP3. A Discussion on ISP download speeds, throttling, new "terms of usage" from CableOne very restrictive. Megabits vs megabytes and how to measure download speed. . . BUT. . . How do you tell if your download speed is being throttled? No easy answer. A Question about Netgear ReadyNAS 100 (2-bay) and setting full, open access. Netgear's website directs to "ReadyCloud" (readycloud.netgear.com) for web-based configuration and management of their ReadyNAS products. CostCo to run a special on a 4 TB external hard drive for $159 ($179 - $20 discount). Discussion on external wireless adapters (802.11) for higher signal strength. Available in both USB and RJ45 adapters. Ed bought a 40W laser engraver. Asking for ideas for its use. We visited the website Laser Engraver to get a better idea of what its capabilities are. Discussion then went on to 3D printers. Then Maker Fair, then AniMusic. We then played demos of some of the AniMusic videos and one of their newest videos - "Future Retro". Brief discussion on disc labeling. . . Lightscribe and direct disc printing (inkjet). In that July 4th falls on the first Thursday in July, our next meeting will be on August 1st, unless a member comes forward that wants to host a meeting at their home in July. Thanks again to Darryl Kuhrt for the excellent notes and report on the meeting.