Boise Linux Group Meeting June 17th Report

We had a great meeting with 20 in attendance at our new location and with Taos providing pizza and soda, it was a well fed group as well. Darin led off the meeting with a demonstration of Darktable, a lightbox like photo editor that goes way beyond simple photo editing. His laptop was not behaving, the Demo Masters were not being kind and he used Marks computer to show Darktable. Darktable is a free and open-source photography workflow application and raw developer. A change from the traditional "graphics Editor such as Photoshop or the GIMP, it has a number of image editing operations for non-distructive raw photo photo editing. The workflow functionality comes from its ability to work on a number of images at the same time. Among its features, you will find support for high color and color profile, tethering to your digital Camera if supported, and Map functionality using GPS co-ordinates. Unfortunately, his presentation was limited to some photos on Marks computer since his own photos were not accessible. You can find more information at the darktable website. It is also easily installable on Ubuntu from the PPA's. Martin provided a couple of additional photo tool resources: 1. Top 15 Photo Editors for Linux Distributions 2. 4 Great Tools For Editing RAW Photos in Linuz After fighting some display issues, Darin then live booted the current release of KDE5 project neon and gave us a tour of the current desktop, Framework 5, and the Qt underpinnings. A Google search on project neon kde will provide a number of links for more information on this current project as well as links to install it from PPA's on Kubuntu, the KDE version of Ubuntu. Daily builds are available. This is a work in progress so many "tools" that you would normally find on a KDE desktop are missing but in Development. Also, It is still Xserver based, Wayland is still out there in the future as an Xwindows display system. He suggested that those interested download that iso, put it on a USB device and test it out! It is not ready for primetime so it is not suggested that you install it on your system. Mark Young, who, by popular demand, brought back his ODROID that he originally showed at the April meeting. A fantastic little single board computer in a box about the size of a deck of cards and powerful alternative to the poplar Rasberry Pi. The group quickly looked up the specifications for this little marvel at hardkernel. This little computer is specifically designed to run Linux (XUbuntu 13.10 and Android 4.x recommended). On the website, you can find additional flavors of the ODROID system and accessories. His demonstration showed it running Ubuntu and he talked about compiling his applications for the ODROID on both the ODROID and his Linux laptop for the ODROID. He has a list of potential uses including his annual automated Christmas Light Show that does at his home. Our next meeting is tentatively planned for the same location on July 15th but come back for the formal meeting announcement in a couple weeks.