Boise Linux Group November 18th Meeting Notes

Our Meeting was a Pi Fest wtih 13 present including 12 year old with interest in Linux. Mark Y. brought a in 8 Pi's for us to all work with and these were setup with keyboards, mice, and monitors configured in a Ubuntu graphical environment (Rasbian Debian Wheezy) available from  There is also what is almost a daily blog to see what others are doing at Also available on the Pi's was Mindcraft Pi Edition for those with a gaming interest.

The Raspberry Pi's ranged from the original model to the latest B+ with either 256M or 512M of Ram. Mark also brought a couple other single board computes similar to the Pi: 
1.  Cubox model 14P-300-D 
2. oDroid - Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
    oDroid U3
Installing an operting system is as simple as copying the OS on to the memory card.
These were full fledged Debian Weezy operating systems and could all run just about all the usual stuff you might want to install as long as you don't get carried away with the "mega packages" like LibreOffice.  The command line was easily accessed and it was almost "old home week" in comfort of working there as a seasoned Debian user.  The uses of the Pi include servers such as samba, web, as well as featureing a general purpose interface where the hobbyist can add on home brewed analog and digital projects.  There is even an Oscilloscope board that turns the Pi into a real time oscilloscope.
Another website mentions is hackaday for additional rasberri pi projects and there are programmers kits available on eBay. One article was on How to Make Musical Floppy Drives by using the stepper motor to produce teh sound.
It was a good meeting and we appreciate the effort that Mark went to in assembling all those Pi's for those in attendance to use and exeperience.
The Pi Fest does not end here.  I have bought a kit from Amazon and will go through my "Out-of_Box" experience in actually assembling and using the Pi including demonstrating some of the operating systems available such as NOOBS, Rasbian, and KaliLinux, all ported to the Pi.
Our next meeting will be on December 16th, 6:30 at TAOS.