April 21st Meeting Notes

Another great meeting with 16 in attendance.  As promised, Taos provided the grea pizza, soda, and cookies.  Our featured speaker of the evening was unable to make it so the meeting was an open discussion.  We first went around the table where everyone introduced themselves.  Blake Fisher, an account manager at TEKsystems here in Boise instroduced himself and described their business activities which go beyond just recruiting.  He took a number of questions from those present and passed out his business card.  Blake said the TEKsystems would like to take an active part in supporting the Boise Linux Group.
We then turned the floor over to Jim M. who first joined up with the group in 2004, now retired, and he talked about how he implemented his online weather station at http://www.jtmillard.com/weather/.  The weaterstation is actually a Davis Vantage Vue mounted on a pole outside his house in middleton where he has a usb connection to it using a Rasberry Pi 2 which actually runs the weather collection software and then that data is sent to his Apache Web Server running on his many system.
Jim then mentioned NixNote 2, a replacement for Nevernote on Linux which works with Evernote. The latest build is available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/nevernote/files/.  Current release is Beta 3 so it is still in development so it may or may not work on your system.  There are a couple of unmet dependencies that are not available on current releases: libpoppler-qt4-4 and libc6>=2.14.  It is also available in the Ubuntu PPA's but again it may suppoort all the features or be able to connect to the Evenote servers.  I was able to get it to work on LinuxMint 17 Cinnamon 64 bit using the 3rd Beta release for 64 bit.  Once installed, it was a simple matter of clicking on Sync to get it to prompt me for my creditentials, at which time NixNote is authorized for a year before you will be prompted again.
A short discussion on the Rasberry Pi 2 model B followed and included the many uses for this amazing business card sized single board computer which was recently updated to a 900 MHz ARM Cortex-A7 quad-core CPU and a gigabyte of RAM and still sells for $35 and up.  Two applications specifically that were discussed were XBMC and that Microsoft was even planning a release of Windows 10 that run on the Rasberry Pi 2 Model B. 
Another short discussion was had on DynDNS and no-ip, two dynamic DNS services that are free for personal use. The only complaint was if your ISP is rapidly changing your IP address of your Internet connnection was that while the change is made immediately, it does take time for the service to replicate the change out to the DNS servers on the Internet so there is some delay during which your site is not accessible at its DNS name, which can take up to 24 hours before your new ip address is available.
Another useful tool is Nagios for monitoring your home network and while it very powerful, it can be pretty complex to setup but for basic monitoring of your homes systems and network, it is fairly  straight forward to setup.  It was also mentioned that you can pair Nagios up with Cacti to facilitate reporting and archiving Nagios events.
There was a question about the nature of the Boise Linux Group and what we do.  Clint reviewed the educational nature of our group in helping Linux users and particularly the how-to's that we present at our meetings.  Also, all of our meeting notes are posted on our website going back to the start of the group in 2003.  Members can request particular items be presented at our meeting and Clint will usually do the "heavy lifting" in researching the item and presenting it at the meeting in a how-to form.
The meeting wrapped up about 8:15 with some conversations between individuals at the meeting.
Next Meeting is 19th at Taos.