Fedora 22 Released - May 26th

Fedora 22 was released on May 26th and I downloaded both the Workstation and Server versions of Fedora's Latest and Greatest!  The first thing I noticed was that the Server version was 2.1 GB in size while the Workstation version was a fairly light 1.3 GB (but it took longer to download probably because of the demand for it and it wasn't even posted on Distrowatch yet).  I thought it interesting that Server version was twice the size of the workstation so I decided to install that so what was available from the DVD.  All the server packages including containers/docker were available from the DVD but no graphical desktop which you used to be able to install from the DVD in previous verions.  I went ahead and installed all the server components that I wanted to work with.  To add a graphical desktop to my new "server" I did the following as root:

dnf grouplist
dnf groupinstall 'Fedora Workstation'
dnf groupinstall 'Development and Creative Workstation'
dnf install virt-manager
dnf install nautilus-open-terminal nautilus-search-tool
dnf install gimp
dnf install yumex-dnf.noarch
dnf install synaptic
dnf install k3b
dnf install libreoffice-base
systemctl set-default graphical.target

This gave me a fairly functional desktop, the last step sets the graphical environment as the default "runlevel" and followed by a reboot.  Before I did any of this, I did a 'dnf update' to make sure the system was update and I did another one on the 27th and there were quite a few updates.

The Workstation install is somewhat minimal in terms of the applications and tools provided from the liveCD.  And infact, I downloaded the Fedy tool and on the Webupd8 website (http://www.webupd8.org/2015/05/fedora-post-install-tool-fedy-updated.html) page where you can download the tool mentions that some things like livedvdcss is not yet available for Fedora 22.

curl https://satya164.github.io/fedy/fedy-installer -o fedy-installer
chmod +x fedy-installer

I am running my new server/workstation on an older Intel Dual Core E8500 3.16 GHz system with 4GB of RAM and while performance is good, it is not fast.  I also installed Fedora 22 Workstation in a KVM Virtual machine and that went well, performance was actually pretty good.

For more information on what's new in Fedora 22, checkout http://www.webupd8.org/2015/05/fedora-22-released-see-whats-new.html.

My next step is to follow this same process on a newer i5 laptop which is currently on Fedora 17 which is not supported anymore.  I will start with the server first as I did here.

I will update this post as I use Fedora 22 more....