Boise Linux Group June 16 Meeting Notes

We had an absolutely awesome meeting with a packed conference room at Taos!  Our presenter for the evening was Mark J. Crane and would be presenting on FusionPBX, a configuration/adminstration for the Linux based FreePBX scaleable phone system.  Mark had a flat tire on the way in the Boise for the meeting and was slightly delayed.  During that time, we had some conversations on using rdiff for archiving, robot.txt, using ipcam on Android and dropcam which requires a monthy subuscription. As way of introduction, Mark J Crane has been down deep and personal with FusionPBX for 6 years as its developer.  It is highly scaleable in the corporate world  including database replication between sites. FusionPBX can be found on the web at where you will find the current release of 3.8 and a discription of FusionPBX and the Freeswitch backend.  There is also a wiki at along with Debian specific information at  An Installation script for Debian/Ubuntu can be found at  Mark started off by first configuring a clean minimal Debian based server in the cloud and then running the install script.  As we sat back and watched the installation take place, Mark kept everyone engaged as he commented on the different stages of the installation.

One of the first things, and maybe near and dear to his heart, was the use of PostreSQL as the database of choice for a myriad of reasons including the fact that it is open source and community "owned" (meaning no corporation is going to swoop in and buy it).  It also supports extensive data types including the use of UUID and foreign data types for supporting JSON.  UUID is really great in moving data between database servers without having to rely on things like Auto incrementI D for record identification.  UUIDs are unique and portable.

He also had some interesting comments on the NoSQL implementations in not using NoSQL given a lack of standards in NoSQL, each one having its own set of standards and query methods.  He even commented on some of the same with issues with SQL systems given some variations SQL syntax used depending on the version of the SQL server.

He also had this comment "The default is SQLite. SQLite is a great choice for an embedded system or small business it should not be used for multi-tenant systems that will be used in production. PostgreSQL is a great choice for a larger system that need to scale especailly for multi-tenant systems. PostgreSQL is and advanced database that has native UUID data types which are used relating data in FusionPBX, it can scale, database replication support is amazing and we teach how to do multi-master replication in the FusionPBX advanced class."  When asked about how Mark makes his money since FusionPBX is free for downloading and installing, he responded that he makes his money doing consulting and training on FusionPBX which keeps him pretty busy and widely travelled!  His most recent engagement was in Brazil and he offers onsite training as well.

We all sat in awe as the installation progressed and Mark kept us engaged for the better part of 2 hours.  Other topics addressed during the install included:

A freeswitch repo for installation is available.

compiling versus packages
compiling easier to update without risk of breaking the system.

GSM module with SIMM module for connection to the cellphone network.

Cluecon - Cluecon is a conference held every August in Chicago

He uses nginix  in preference to apache because it is faster and has a smaller config file.
He has not evaluated httpd BSD however, he is interested in httpd from OpenBSD as a possible future web server to use with FusionPBX.

self-signed certificates.
-conversations on ssl certificates and trust - Bottom Line: certificates are not that trustworthy!

I could not take sufficient notes to include all the points that he covered!

He finished up his presentation by configuring/provisioning a couple phones on his new FusionPBX system providing additional insights in the use of FusionPBX configuration and management tools.

Thanks to Mark Crane for a great evening and presentation.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, July 21st, at TAOS.  Details to come.  If you have something you would like to see or present, please drop me an email at c_tinsley (at)