BLUG October 20th Meeting Notes

Tonight, we had two presentations on the agenda.  First off, Ken Cenell, who makes the Monster Piano, will spent the better part of hour describing the architecture of the Monster Piano which runs on Ubuntu 10.04 and he looking to upgrade to 14.04 and answering questions about his creation.
Following his presentation and discussion, Darin Miller showed us the latest in Kubuntu 15.10 and Plasma 5 as the default desktop, which will be officially released on Thursday, October 22nd. He will be providing us some thoughts on configuring the Plasma 5 desktop.  Plasma 5 is a very rich desktop environment and there are numerous settings that can be configured and post-installation things to do to enhance your desktop experience.  His meeting outline follows:
Demo System Used Specifications
Kubuntu 15.10
KDE Plasma Version  5.4.2
Qt Version 5.4.2
Kernel Version      4.2.0-16-generic
OS Type 64-bit
Processors: 8xIntel® CoreTM i7-4771 CPU @3.50GHz
Memory: 15.6 GiB of RAM
Some stability issues with Intel drivers and Sandy Bridge(?) HW.
icons & widgets become corrupted, easily fixed with plasma restart:
killall plasmashell && plasmashell &
Windows can cover in the panel does not pop up when mouse pointer is at bottom of screen
Menu editor is has a misconfigured path rendering some editing impossible.  Some app such as Wine and some google apps end up in the lost and found directory.
Legacy System tray has issues especially with WINE (solutions coming in Plasma 5.5)
Multi-screen crashes/issues caused by QT, X11 and Intel driver combos. QT 5.5. is already released, so fixes might land in QT 5.6.
Martin Gräßlin, one of the main Wayland developers recommends using the backports ppa to ensure latest bug fixes are auto installed
Occasionally waking from sleep does not turn on screen (need to use keyboard to increase the brightness)
Approximate release cadences:
KDE Applications - monthly
KDE Frameworks - monthly
Plasma every 3 months (5.4 released 25-Aug, 5.5 will arrive in November)
Plasma 5 is built using QT and Frameworks
Wayland - 3 to 4 months
QT releases - annually
Xorg/MESA 7 to 12 months
Libre Office 5.0
More apps ported to Plasma 5 including KDenlive, Dolphin 
Under the Hood:
After sleep, Wifi resumes and connects extremely fast
Pulse audio volume controls replace KMix
New bluethooth BlueZ 5
New Icon sets
Better Hi DPI support (icons and plasmoids scale much better)
OpenGL(ES) acceleration via QT 5’s QtQuick 2 for GPU rendering (lowers cpu demand, reduces power consumption
Better Wayland support but still in beta (requires open source drivers and several additional libraries)
Latest proprietary NVidia graphic drivers are now maintained by Ubuntu developers in a PPA (358.09 are the latest)
The new Steam controller works “out of the box” thank to af patch from Canonical
Add widgets menu is now vertical
Filter widgets by category 
Plasma widgets can be stuck to the desktop
2 weather widget are now available - but must be download
System Settings re-organized