BLUG November 20th Meeting Report

This was our first meeting at our new location at Steven’s Henager College, corner Overland and Cole in Boise. (1444 S Entertainment Ave Boise, ID 83709) All went well, subject to a couple glitches in the move.  We were given a small conference room initially but their staff quickly moved us to a classroom which we did fill pretty well.  The Pizza was excellent.

Marc Young led off our meeting this night for the first hour in demonstrating the current status of the the Monster piano project that was shown at our last meeting.  They have moved from the ATX card to the Rasberry Pi.  He has done some awesome work in migrating 5 year old technology running on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and a ATX PC board to the Rasberry Pi and eliminating some of complexity in not having the Arduino boards in the keyboard assemblies.  He also moved from Ubuntu to a compiled verion of Gentoo which provides a very fast boot (8 seconds!), small image size code base, with read-only code for stability and recovery from power loss  and runs as an embedded system.  For the web interface, they are using PHP7 which is also very fast. The also moved to a new Midi box for the sounds that has more capabilities.  All in all, pretty amazing in what Marc has accomplished in 30 days with the project.

For the last hour, Clint presented on a number of topics starting with Syncthing which is geting a lot of exposure from the Linux world with articles in both Linux Format and Linux Pro Magazine.  Clint has not yet implemented this on his own computer but it looks very interesting as it has to ability to automatically sync documents across Linux, tablets, and Windows. always having your latest copy regardless of where you are working.

64 Tar Archive Download
Linux Pro Magazine:

Next up was Bodhi Linux that can be used on older hardware with minimal requirements (listed below) and there is even a Legacy version for pre-PAE system (really old!).  Clint's included a short preview video.

Bodhi Linux:
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS base + Enlightenment Desktop
System Requirements:
500 mHz, 128 MB RAM, 4 GB HD
1.0 gHz, 512 MB RAM, 10 GB HD
AppPack Release:
    Chromium Web Browser
    Libre Office 5
    VLC Media Player
    OpenShot Video Editor
    Pinta Graphics Tool
    Evince Document Viewer
    ePhoto Image Viewer
    Qalculate Calculator
    Geany Text Editor
    Exterminator Task Manager
    Terminology Terminal Emulator
    PCManFM File Manager
    Filezilla FTP Client
    HexChat IRC
    eepDater System Updater
    Synaptic Package Manager
    Printer Support
Download files:
32 Bit Standard + AppPack Release
64 Bit Standard + AppPack Release
Legacy Standard - Non-PAE Version
3.1.1 released 11-17-2015
Video Preview:

Lastly, Clint talked about the new release from OpenSUSE, Leap 42.1.  This is a hybrid release that combines source code from SUSE Enterprise and the community version, now a rolling release called Tumbleweed.  He showed a couple of videos previewing it.  If you want a clean stable Plasma 5 KDE desktop, Leap is the choice.  Clint has installed LEAP and very happy with it as a KDE Plasma 5 desktop.

opensuse 42.1 Leap Release:
Video (3:19) openSUSE Leap 42.1 - See What's New
Distrowatch Article:
btrfs discussion
Opensuse Leap 42.1 Overview/Review (19 Minutes)
openSUSE Leap 42.1 Review ("toilet" opener) 10 Minutes

At the conclusion of the Meeting, a vote was held on having our December Meeting on December 15 and was pretty unanimous in having the meeting.  One person was heard to say "This was fun!"  As of now, the agenda is open, suggestions are always welcomed.