BLUG January 19th Meeting Report

Our January meeting was lightly attended, most likely due to the cold winter weather. We had 12 in Attendance. Steven-Henager College moved us to very nice room on the third floor; Taos provided pizza, cookies and soda for the evening and our thanks go to Taos as our meeting host.

Darin S. Miller led off the meeting with an update on the Alpha release release of Kubuntu 16.04 (due out in April) running Plasma 5.5 and had brought two laptops for his demo's. Darin maintains a blog like websiste at where he posts his activities. His first demo was on how to fix the 16.04 iso using Squash FS file replacement as posted on his website: Late December through mid-January, the live daily iso for Kubuntu was a broken. Bug filed here. To fix it, use the same file that works fine in with the 15.10 live usb and recreate the 16.04 live USB. He then went through the process. His steps were as follows:

Grab a 15.10 iso and mount it (Disk image mounter in dolphin works great).

Copy the following file to a temp directory: /casper/filesystem.squashfs

Navigate to the temp dir and run:

sudo unsquashfs -x filesystem.squashfs

(sudo is required, simply switching to root will not work)

Rename squashfs-root directory to 15.10

Grab the same filesytem.squash file from the 16.04 and perform the same operation

Copy the following file from the 15.10 sub folder to the same location in the 16.04 folder


Run the following command on the 16.04 folder

sudo mksquashfs squashfs-root filesystem.squashfs -b 1024k -comp xz -Xbcj x86 -e boot

(Again use of sudo is required)

Make a std bootable 16.04 bootable usb and copy the new filesystem.squashfs file to the /casper directory on the 16.04 iso.

Darin commented on his research on this and working with the developers by reading the logs at, which are filed by year, month, and date. Developers are very driven people in not only having to meet frequent deadlines while not having everything in place to meet those deadlines but still they make progress!

Darin then turned to Plasma 5.5 and the use of the Kubuntu backports PPA to install the Wayland video system as a replace for the windows server used by most Linux distributions. describes the different PPA. Darin is using PPA:kubuntu-ppa/backports for his work with 16.10. A short read on KDE KWin and Wayland can be found at Also on the phoronix website can be found a lot of information the state of Wayland:

One of the cool features of Wayland is its ability to support both high DPI (Dots per Inch) High Resolution monitors while at the same time support low resolution monitors such as projectors where the Wayland automatically maintains the same physical display of the content (same size) while move content between the two monitor systems. Darin had a Lenovo slim laptop where he is working with this presentation feature and the results are quite impressive if not fully working yet.

Darin mentioned that Fedora has also been working with Wayland running GNOME 3 and it is very possible that Wayland maybe fully supported in the Fedora 24 running GNOME, which is to be released later this year, probably mid-June. Fedora does not use proprietary video device drivers and fully support OpenGL for Wayland.

Member Martin had tried to setup Wayland on his laptop and Darin workend with his system for a time tryint to get it to work through doing some different package installations but in the end, it was still a no go.  Martin was going to try a reinstall of Kubuntu later on.

Thanks fo Darin for moderating the meeting tonight and a great a mount of information that he shared.

At the close of the meeting, we discussed future meetings, particularly penetration testing and look forward to having a presentation on penetration testing over the February or March time frames.

Our next meeting will be on February 16th.