Meetings to Resume - September 2017

We need to get our group started again!  There is just too much going on there in the World of Linux and not give recognition to the exciting developments such as Swimming with Sharks (SharkLinux), new Security Tools such as Parrot Security that can be ran from USB device, Ubuntu 17.04 was recently released and Fedora 26 is in the wings! 

Just picking up the current Linux Magazines at your local book store can be eye opening in all that is going on. And so many new tools including graphical tools for systemd management and other applications.  For the PC Group, I created a live persistent USB Linux which is fully updateable and useful for not only booting Linux from USB but also useful for data recovery from non-bootable PCs; 17 of our 26 members all bought copies of this USB.

Hopefully, we will be welcoming you all back in September as we resume our Boise Linux Group Meetings!

We have a meeting place reserved.  We will be meeting at the Boise Library! Ustick and Cole Branch, 7557 W. Ustick Rd, Boise. We will be using the Bitterbrush Conference Room that has a capacity of 12 but includes both an overhead projector and smart board.  Seating is in a U-Shaped layout.  We will start our meetings at 6:30 and close at 9 PM with the closing of the library.  This will be no host so there will be no food or refreshments provided.  Here is the Meeting Schedule for the next four months:

September 19th @ 6:30pm
October 17th      @ 6:30pm
November 21st  @ 6:30pm
December 19th  @ 6:30pm

Mark your calendars!