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Boise Linux Group June 20th Meeting Notes

Boise Linux User Group June 20th Meeting Notes
Tonights meeting was pretty much an open session with 7 in attendance and we had some great conversations.

We started off with a conversation about cloud storage for “off site storage” of our computer files, some thing we are all at risk of losing given our computers get stolen or the house burns!  Various options were discussed such as crashplan but no real solution for when we need to store more than 100 Gigs.  Clint […]

Boise Linux Group May 16th Meeting Notes

What’s new in Fedora 28:

∙ gnome 3.28
  Appears all the major distributions are moving back to GNOME and xorg including Ubuntu
  Some of the new features of Fedora 28 are attributable to GNOME 3.28!
  Wayland is still available but is suffering because of the lack of compatible applications.
  Common Desktop and Applications that all work!
∙ Third-Party Repositories
  (fedora-workstation-repositories, also available now Fedora 27)
  Google Chrome, the web browser from Google (google-chrome.repo)
  PyCharm, Python IDE for Professional Developers by JetBrains (_copr_phracek-PyCharm.repo)
  NVIDIA’s […]

Boise Linux Group April 17 Meeting Notes

We started a few minutes late, around 6:40 in that attendance was light with 8 in attendance. Then Jacob, a recent addition to our group, started his presentation on FLATPAK which turned out to be very developer focused on building your own flatpaks!  What follows is an outline taken from his presentation:
Revolutionize the Desktop

How it works
What’s in there?
Elements of a flatpak
Getting Started
SDKs and looking around
Building a flatpak
The sandbox

Flatpak is a technology for building, distributing, installing and running applications

Flatpak has been designed […]

Boise Linux Users Group March 20th Meeting Notes

On arrival, we discovered that the overhead projection system had been replaced with a flat screen and the only connection was HDMI, not in and of itself a bad thing with most devices now supporting HDMI, rather than the old VGA connection. The downside was the library didn’t have an extension cable for it. Fortunately, Clint’s laptop had an HDMI connector, and with a little scrambling, we got connected to the screen, and things looked pretty good at 1368X768, mirroring Clint’s […]

February 20th Meeting Notes

Another Great Meeting (not Clint’s words!)!.  We had a full room including three new attendees who work for RedHat (Called Redhatters; Clint is also a Redhatter since he works for Red Hat Global Learning Services.)
We had some pre-meeting conversations and questions that were asked on a couple of topics which were demonstrated and explored.

Clint started off his presentation by talking about the resources available for learning Python.  First off, Books!

Python The Complete Manual – pfffft!  No source code available, many exercises […]

January 17th Meeting Notes

We had a standing room crowd with 15 Present! At the start of the meeting we had conversations on Android environments on a PC.  A some ways of doing this: Chrome – The Verge APK, ArcWelder app – loads an Android app into chrome, google emulator for Android (free). We also talked about learning Python: Anaconda, codeacademy,   You need to be careful on these tutorial sites.  For example the free course on CodeAcademy teaches Python2 which is old.  You really want […]

December 19th Meeting Notes

We had a great year end meeting with 12 in attendance including 2 new people plus one of our orginal members back from early 2000’s!

While we were waiting for our presenter to arrive, We welcomed back one of our original members (2004), Alice who had been unable to attendin recent years.  She had a few questions concerning running Apple’s IOS and Android in a Virtual Machine in Linux.  Promised some research on this and would get back to her.  We also […]

Boise Linux Group Meeting Notes for November 21, 2017

Meeting opened at 6:30 pm with 8 members present.  Things got off to a rough start as it turned out that Clint’s laptop running Ubuntu 17.10 (latest and greatest) would not work with the overhead projector system  For more information on the follow-up, check out the previous post on Artful Ardvark (  Clint proceed to use his laptop display to for the presentation which seemed to be acceptable for the most part.
Clint stared off with a quick demo of Teamviewer which […]

Rocky Road to Ubuntu Artful Aardvark 17.10 Desktop

17.10 was officially released on Thursday, October 19th and the servers were apparently under load because it took over two hours to download the 1.3 GB iso.
I had a lot of difficulty installing it on two different computers as it would fail on grub install to /dev/dm-0.  If I was trying LVM which is my preferred disk partitioning, the installer would not let me go any further in completing the installation and I would have to reboot.  I then tried a […]

BLUG October 17th Meeting Notes

Another good meeting!  We started off with a coversation on using ndis to load windows printer drivers and Wine for the printing software on a 3D printer.  Following that, we talked about messaging software, particularly Jabber IM Service and uses the XMPP protocol/network.  It features things like “Federation DNS” making peer to peer communicaiton easy.  You do need an account on Jabber to use it and it will work with a number of IM clients. (
We then turned the meeting over […]